Pink Panties Part 2

As I lay their my eyes covered my wrist bound I anticipated what was about to happen. Then I hear a “zzzzzz” noise, “zz zzz z” and “zz zz zz zz”. My brow lowered behind the eye mask. The sound was familiar, it’s was Noir. My jet black bullet, small in size but with great power and potential to make the user forgo sex with anyone. Sam, Sam what are you doing? Sam laughed but didn’t respond with words, she simply placed Noir on my bean and her warm, soft tongue danced with the vibration on my yoni. 

Shocked and pleased I rested in the darkness, my mouth opened wide I let out a hard forced, “Shit”. As my cherry began to rise Sam tossed Noir to the side and planted her mouth over my cherry-bean. Swift but methodical, she used sensual movements to help me reach my peak. I yelled, “I’m cominnnnggggg.” From a yell to a roar, my body tensed I held the G on my tongue as my body drained out like a flood. Sam focused on satisfying me, massaged the climax out. My body twitched so hard and so sharply, every part of me had a magnified sensitivity. I wanted her to stop massaging my cherry-bean, I wanted to retreat into the sheets, but the state of my body wouldn’t allow me to move or speak. It felt like three minutes had passed before I released the soft G sound from my lips. Sam released her hand from my yoni and began kissing and licking me below. I screamed, “No! Stop Sam, I can’t take that!!”

She pulled away from my yoni, eye to my warmth she blew. A tear fell from my eyes as I lay there partially paralyzed for about two more minutes. Sam would lick, kiss and suck my yoni periodically, it was heaven up until I realized I’d have to return the favor. 

“Sam”, I whimpered out, small, subtle words seemed to be the only thing I could get out. Similar to words of someone ashamed. Sam lifted herself over me, holding herself up with her right arm and unveiling my eyes with the other. I took a few seconds to alter my eyesight to focus on her, her eyes warm and brown, similar to her hair accented by blonde high lights. Her skin kinda beige, it was clear she was biracial. Again her body defined and breast full like a larger mango. After looking her over I said to her, “that was amazing at the least but I am sorry I can’t return the favor…”. 

Sam chuckled, did I ask? With a face full of sincerity and a smile so bright and white, she looked at me. “I’m ok, the taste of you and hearing you moan is pleasuring me enough.” Embarrassed I covered my face and sank into the bed, Sam tugged at the sheet. “I’m about to head out, I’m sure you need some rest.” After getting dressed I walked her to the door, weak and confused we talked a bit and then she was gone. I was on a cloud until I realized I still didn’t know what happened last night, that scared me to my core. To be so vulnerable I’ve known Sam a while and in that was security but what if it was someone else? I thought this over for about three minutes and then I was in a deep sleep a sleep that just happened to unveil what I believe to be the previous nights endeavors…

Pink Panties 

I woke up naturally, my body drained, my mouth dry and my head spinning. It was apparent I had a hangover and that was fine with me. I was prepared for heavy drinking since it was Keisha’s birthday. What I wasn’t prepared for was to find an overnight guest in my apartment. As I rose from my slumber in authentic confusion, my body was extremely relaxed. It was the kind of relaxed you get from a night of consistent, powerful, body tensing orgasms.

It had been two weeks and I was over Big and casually texting Joseph. Extremely casual conversation, as well as infrequent. It bothered me none but initially he kept my mind off Big. My home life and love life were as they were before I met either of them and I was happy with that monotony and peace. Work as challenging but enjoyable and I was good at it, everything was normal until last night. So all I could think was who…

Who was I to thank for this feeling of airiness minus the slight hangover? I looked to the floor for some kind of evidence as to who it was but that only perplexed me more. I found a pair of slacks fairly slim cut, euro style. No shoes, no top, as I removed myself from the bed my head got light. For a short moment I sat on the bed covering myself with my sheet. I tip toed my way through the hall, I saw my slip dress and shoes. Midway through the hall I saw pink lace boy shorts. I’m not one that’s fond of underwear and when I choose to indulge they’re black.

As I held these pink panties in my hands I tried to recall my night. Nothing I could conjure up made sense, Keisha has spent the night before but never leaving a trail of her clothes. She hates pants and wouldn’t dare wear slacks. I went from a gentle tip toe to a full on strut to my kitchen. I look to my right, no one and to my left I hear, “Good Morning Sunshine.” It took a millisecond to recognize the voice. “Sam!” I turned to see her smiling… “you can’t be serious, did we…?” She smiled, “Four times.”

I. Was. Mortified.

And for the wrong reason, all I could think about was we worked together. Not that she was a woman, not who may have seen but simply, “what will happen when we return to work?” Professionalism is important to me and this was far from desired in my life or work place.

Sam slid a mug of coffee down to me, I caught it and attempted to sip. I was too focused on the potential mayhem that would follow our decision, I couldn’t even sip my drink. I peered over the mug looking at her, what was she thinking? What was going to happen next? What did I want to happen? How do I get her out of here? Is there evidence of this night somewhere somehow? “You know you don’t have to be afraid Bryn, we are both responsible for last night and we both have much to lose if this comes out the wrong way or time.” I finally sipped my coffee as I looked her over, standing there in a medium length ribbed heather grey tank, braless. The tank covered her bum partially, leaving just a sliver of cheeks exposed. Her breasts were about a solid B cup, perky, full and round. Her nipples protruding slightly made me assume they were small, like a chocolate chip.
“Bryn”, she called me. “How do you know how to make my coffee? Did you call me assistant!”, “Absolutely not, I’ve been watching you a while I know what you like relax.” Sam walked over to me a gently slid the back of her index finger down my shoulder. I looked up slowly to meet her eyes, “Sam what hap…” She kissed me and lifted me from the stool. As shocking as that was for me, it was more shocking that I didn’t fight her off. Who was I becoming what was going on in my silly little head.

Sam pulled the sheet from my grip with one hand as she held my body to hers with the other, kissing like teenagers she carried me into the bedroom. She tossed me on the bed and took her tank off to reveal a super toned and tanned body. One that made me jealous, her dedication to the gym was obvious.

Before I could second guess my decision Sam was tying up my hands with her dress socks.I quickly snapped into reality, I was chronically independent and S&M wasn’t my thing. “Uh, Sam we aren’t doing this…”, “You loved it last night you’ll love it again.” What the absolute craziness was I into, up to and on last night? She climbed on top of me a covered my eyes with a satin eye mask, I was uneasy but interested.


I’d been leading a live art class for two weeks and we were now in our third week and completion of the course. I figured now was the best time if any to make a pass to one of my students.
She was amazingly beautiful, exotic, poised and fluid in her work. She made me a bit nervous which is hard for many women to do, this intrigued me most about her. Her hair was a deep Aqua blue, a typical form of expression for most art types. However the way she wore it wasn’t cliché or juvenile in the least. A short cut that made for the perfect frame for a face so visually pleasing. Her skin olive, her nose like small and slightly narrow, accentuated by a tiny stud nose ring. She had thick brows similar to Fridas however, they didn’t connect and full lips. Lips that curved downward at the corners, the fullness of her lips rested pleasantly in the center of both her top and bottom lip. All these features gave her a profile I admired from across the classroom. I was careful of course, this class was a mature crowd and I knew Bina would require the most respect. I planned to give her that and much more.

Bina was late on today, that’s when I realized how genuine my interest was. I anticipated her arrival and her tardiness caused me a bit of anxiety. I listened to everyone’s presentation and Bina went last after arriving a few minutes late. I marveled at Bina’s concise, clear and intuitive approach to not only creating art but the way she spoke about it. Bina and I locked eyes as she explained her purpose and thought process in her painting of Lola.

I was late to class since I forgot to set my alarm. Disheveled and embarrassed I went to the back of the class and claimed the last spot for presenting. Which would work in my favor as I had a plan for after class.

Lola was our nude model, who’s appearance suggested a gander but her beauty to me didn’t warrant great observation. However how Bina spoke of Lola and her process in painting it struck great curiosity and made me reconsider the beauty in Lola that I may have over looked.

Bina said:

Lola with a skin color untainted and revealing a luminescence so captivating, she lured me into her. Her hair long of the same color of fire draped across her gently. Bringing my focus to both her long but slender neck and her high, rounded bosom. I couldn’t mix colors that would truly provide her image justice. However I took great joy in creating the painting of her you all see today. Sketching out her full and shapely body it created a rhythm within my pencil strokes. Lola in her image made me more proud to be a woman…. 

Bina continued as I sat and listened in amazement, she had spoken very little up to this point. Simply taking her seat and placing her headphones on it was a pleasant surprise to hear  her.

Class had ended and I released everyone, the students moved swiftly and said their goodbyes. All crowded together like a herd of buffalo, I examined the crowd for Bina.

As class was dismissed I prepared my things, all of them. This time unlike most I had brought some things for show and tell…

When I didn’t see her I assumed she had already departed. My closet was near the only two windows to outside, I quickly gathered my things from the closet. As I turned I saw her still packing up her supplies. I rested my things on the window seal and thought of an approach, as I stood there looking in Bina’s immediate direction she looked to me and smiled.

Mr. Clay seemed to be in a rush to leave which was understandable seeing as though the weather was especially nice today. However I knew this was my only chance so I spoke up…

“So Mr. Clay…”.

“Yes Bina?”

Bina walked to the door, closed and locked it.

“I’ve been wanting to speak with you for a while, you know get to know you.”

She pulled down the tan shade pull and looked into my face.

“Oh really, that’s interesting seeing as though I’ve desired the same.”

He desires the same huh? The idea of him wanting to know me as much as I wanted to know him made me blush. I knew I could do as I pleased at this point.

Smiling she then pushed her hair behind her ears and walked toward me. Her eyes locked into mine she appeared a bit robotic in her movements. Almost as if her desire was leading her body towards me. Her body looked amazing in the short dress she was wearing, her skin perfectly tanned and her legs and thighs were thick and sturdy just like her. Bina wasn’t heavy in the notion of disproportion, she was pear-shaped at best and I loved it. Her dress swaying left and right from her hips down, she came as close as one inch to my face before reaching behind me to close the vinyl window coverings.

I had reached up to his face, I closed the blinds before getting the courage…

Once they were closed she kissed me tenderly, I was put off by Bina’s aggression and now obvious desire for me. I had assumed this long that she had little interest in anyone. I slowly pushed her back and gathered her image, she was beautiful but we were still in the classroom and I had to consider the consequences. This was a voluntary course, 90% of my students weren’t enrolled in the college. This including Bina, I had no true responsibility to refrain from any level of romance with her. However it felt wrong, she looked at me confused and said, “I have no desire to hurt you, your reputation or lively hood. The desire for you grows inside me daily and I can no longer hold back.”

Clay looked perplexed after I kissed him, a response I wasn’t really expecting. I tried to reassure him with my words, maybe he just needed confirmation of what I wanted…

“But Bina, here, now? Wouldn’t you like to go out a few times first? Explore the others mind?”

Bina smiled, “I would greatly but I have no grand issue with doing things outside of their common order.”

He was sweet but that wasn’t what I needed now, I had been waiting weeks for him to make the move and here and now I had the courage and I didn’t want to wait…

I was lost for words, she was fine as hell, she was here, and we had time, she was obviously ready. I looked her over once more and said,” I don’t know about this Bina.”

I guess my words weren’t enough but I knew what would be… if he stopped thinking with his brain and started using his head we’d be better off…

With little hesitation she repositioned herself on her knees unzipped my trousers and began giving me a hand job. Shocked I looked at her for a split second and reminded myself, “I’m no Poon, I can handle her. I can please her and I will.” I looked at Bina lifted her head and asked, “Are you sure.” She nodded in agreement.

It was fun seeing him resist me it was also intriguing, I squatted to my knees and went for what I wanted. As I unzipped his pants I realized his hesitation hindered his erection. I proceeded to give him a hand job, his penis was no great specimen like I had hoped in my dreams before. It was at most average and that was ok some how I wasn’t disappointed just hopeful he could maneuver himself inside me enough to produce wetness. I wasn’t physically intimate often but I knew I wanted to please him and gave no real consideration to my own climax. He got quite as his penis lifted full of blood…he was ready

I lifted her onto the display table it was covered with a paint splattered tarp, with few cans and jars of paint to help hold it in place. I laid Bina’s head on this small pillow that had been reserved for Lola as she posed.

He stood on his knees, his body towering over me and removed his shirt, Clay was slim and fairly normal as far as muscle tone. His simple appearance was admired, his manhood pointing directly at me I was excited.

I went from her knees and up her body reveling her under garments, she was wearing a black lace stringed panty. Her underwear were over shadowed by her tan lines and it drove me crazy. Who knew something so simple could be so intoxicating. I kissed her waist as I lifted her dress. From there I found she was braless, her breast were small. Combined they created a single handful, I licked them both gently as I smiled. Her nipples like chocolate kisses, I wanted them to melt in my mouth.

Clay slowly undressed me and it drove me nuts, the anticipation. I wanted to grab him and instruct him to rip me to shreds. It had been forever and he was adding on to the pressure. Once he reached my nipples I gained a bit of patience, I could see the crown of his head and his lengthy tongue as he licked me. He held his tongue like a hook gathering my nipples at the tip. Before I could instruct him to do much more he got a little sloppy and a bit more aggressive. My body leaked out…

As I tasted her breast I watched her face as she moaned softly, she held my head in place and relaxed. I flipped my penis on her sticky, plump lips, Bina was ready.

It felt amazing Clays foreplay but I couldn’t help but remember all those times I day dreamed of him fucking me. I was ready like yesterday at this point and I figured it was best to let him know. I tapped his shoulder and instructed he fuck me and well.

Once she said, “fuck me, good.” I knew this was really happening. I lifted my body off hers and slapped myself on her stomach and yoni. “And if I don’t?”

He started to tease me, it was shocking at first. However I couldn’t let it go on too long I grabbed him by his penis and inserted him inside me. Clay wasn’t huge but his presence was felt quickly, first his head and then his shaft. He prepared my body well, so well that when I inserted him in me I removed my hand to see a sheen. His member slid inside me smoothly it was pretty pleasant. He pushed my legs to my side, rested his thumb on my bean and fondled me while he fucked me.

Bina had a kung fu grip, she held me like a firm handshake. I didn’t know her sexual history but to be inside her felt like home. It felt like she was made for me… waiting for me. Her body reacted to me well, she was warm, deep, secure and moist. I focused on many things to refrain from climax it was difficult but I wanted this to last.

Clay was digging deep into me before bending me over, he was slim but powerful. He flipped me so swiftly paint spilled on us both. That didn’t stop him, a cobalt blue slithered over us both. From my right shoulder down my back and across to my bum I felt the thick slow creep of the liquid. As it reached my bum Clay went harder making both me and the paint splatter.

In a rush to switch positions and get back inside her I spilled paint everywhere. As it splashed on my stomach it also fell down her shoulder. I had no desire to stop at least until I got mine. I grabbed her waist and pounded Bina hard before she could ask to stop to get cleaned up. The paint splatter was refreshing, it was cold to touch and allowed me to make a mess everywhere.

Since the paint was over my back I decided it was time to have a little fun. Clay pulled out to take a small break and I hoped on top of him. I grabbed a neon green paint instructed him to put his hands inside the can. As I slid on him I told him to paint me, I let him finger paint my body as I rode him. First slow and steady, once we changed colors to a fire-red I sped up the pace. There was so many colors everywhere and soon enough cum. I rode him and it felt amazing, I watched his toes curl in the paint before he could pull out. Once he did he sprayed my stomach with his children. With excitement he grabbed me up, kissing me all over we began rolling in the paint. Paint was everywhere it was beautiful, I didn’t cum but I was happy to please him that evening.

Coveted Confessions: I Decided…

SETTLE the act of accepting or agreeing to (something/someone who one considers to be less than satisfactory).

Settling, we all do it…don’t we? Settling on clothes, on food choices and much more including positions and pay in our careers. “I really like her but man she’s crazy.”, “He isn’t the cutest and the sex isn’t the greatest but he treats me well and he’s funny.” Have you ever heard this or said this with no real consideration as to what it meant? Is it really necessary to settle on someone you choose to be apart of your life?

There are 2.722 million people here in Chicago alone, about 618,987 of them not married. (Statistics provided by Chicago census.) Yet many people have “settled” on one person, they’ve stopped dead in their tracks in this game of love and war and decided this one is The One. I don’t know how most date but lets assume most are like myself and carry a mental note of likes, dislikes and deal breakers. At what point do we stop aiming for perfection? At what moment do we say, he’s the 8 out of 10 I’ll take him for the rest of my life? Is that realistic is that best or promising? “He hasn’t hit any of my deal breakers but he’s midway through my dislikes and partially hitting all my likes, but bag him up and send him to me.”

Lets even consider those settling for the 3.5s thinking this is it, “at least he only throws his clothes over our room and not the entire house.” Where’s the “safe settle zone”? How exactly do you know you’ve reached the settling point?

Absolutely nothing is wrong with accepting someone in their truth and choosing to do life with them. Spoiler alert I think its ideal to choose someone worth it with all their flaws than to look forever for Mr. Perfect/Ms. Perfect. Primarily because we change, life is ever-changing and I would hope you’re ever evolving, We really don’t have the necessary time to embrace, dissect and choose the perfect mate. Nor do many of us really have the resources to possibly tour the world in search of this grand love.

Relationships are so crucial to your well-being and self esteem both romantic and platonic. Makes you think sometimes, “Do I even truly know what I want?” Do I trust myself enough to know what I genuinely need? When you created your list did you consider the Cons of your Pros? I still go back to edit my list from time to time, only to find that with time the list has taken another shape, took a different creative direction and sometimes reads as another foreign language. “Did I really write this? Was I drunk?” Kind of changes, now I look at a potential mate and ask myself, “Five years from now will he still be your best friend?”,”Will you be able to talk freely with him now and in the future?” Many other questions follow but they are no longer geared towards appearance and financial well-being solely, shockingly they aren’t to stone set on sex. Teachability and self knowledge and awareness helps more than one may fathom.

When talking to my friends or peers I always ask them when they express their desire for an aesthetically pleasing mate, “What about the temptations he/she will face, what about the stares, glares and advances he/she will receive can you handle that truly?” Can they handle that kind of temptation? Of course you want to be sexually attracted to your partner, however some of us want an unrealistic standard. A gentleman that’s “GQ Fine” and we can’t handle the “GQ Fine print”. The WCW type, not realizing there’s about 52 Wednesdays and 53 Fridays in a year. (FineWomanFridays for twitter users.) That is at the very least 105 chances for a random to lift your lady on a pedestal you feel should be reserved for you. Does that now translate to 105 opportunities for strife? Its very possible, your false sense of security may let you down and expose colors you didn’t know you held.

Lets not even explore the times you get comfortable or distracted with life and stop tending to your partner as you did in courting, and some random politely shows themselves in your mates time of need. When their will is weak, then how stable are you emotionally to a possible rebuild?

Back to the matter at hand, When do you settle and when is it ok to let your hair down and rest a bit? Tell me what you think, when did you know you were safe. When did you decide maybe this is it, I can work this number the rest of my life.

Do you have a unwritten “test”, I covet the confessions of others. So whats Tea?



Kiss the Cook

Fast passed and as demanding as any other night back of house at -Cafe 220- I plated and prepped all 270 hot plates for tonight’s event. I wiped away sweat beads from my forehead as I heard the head chef yell out, “Juliana we don’t have all night!” , “Yes chef” I responded, I felt my body moving swiftly, my breathe moving at a slow pant similar to a midsized dog in the summer heat. I was exhausted, I had been working 12 hours prior at another restaurant across town. Leaving few moments to rest on my train ride into my now 8 hour shift. 

Wil yelled again,”Aye J, what are you doing we need the next 50!!” -Wil and I were close we had a budding relationship but he always made sure to ride me at work. In an effort to not cause speculation, it drove me nuts and tonight it was pissing me off. With an attitude I yelled, “50 up!” I looked at him and rolled my eyes. That 5 seconds was about the only break I had had all day and I was tired of his made up frustrations. Wil knew better than anyone how hard I worked and how little time I had for myself. So much so that Wil and I had never been physically intimate in our 6 months of dating. I was exhausted and today he decides to play the dozens with me. Absolutely not, I thought as I grudgingly plated the remaining plates. 

As we worked some of us shifted stations while others began cleaning in preparation for our closing. Wil kept on me about every little thing, my frustration turned to anger and anger to humiliation. I stepped away after Wil released me to use the restroom and I cried. Not long enough to release all my tension but just enough to finish out the night without hitting Wil over the head with a frying pan. I wouldn’t look at him when he spoke, I wouldn’t laugh when he joked and I sure as hell wasn’t going to let him drop me home that night. Wil noticed my discomfort and disappointment with him, he politely sent another chef over with ice cold water for me. He also reassured me that I can take my time now that we were finishing up. Neither of these gestures worked in his favor. I continued to do my assigned closing duties and upon completion asked him, with a snarky overtone if I could be released for the night. He denied my request and released everyone else, irritated I knew he just wanted to drop me at home like usual.

Frustrated I watched everyone leave and said my goodbyes, Wil standing behind me about 5 feet did the same. Once the last chef exited the door I felt Wil, because our scrubs were so thin I felt all of him. His hands one on my neck and the other at my waist, his chest on my back. Wil was a bit healthy, I classified him as thick. A build more like a football player, solid but not necessarily defined. His stomach a bit above my bum and his manhood hung between my cheeks.  My eyes widened and as I attempted to turn around Wil gently grabbed at my neck and guided my waist and bum back. “Nope, nope we are not doing this. You’re an asshole, take me home.” Wil laughed, pulled my pants down with one hand while still holding my neck with the other. He lifted his body back up his legs fully erect and kissed my neck, my eyes rolled back my body at ease. Wil gently rubbed his hand across my bum and to my yoni, dresssd with a landing strip he gently danced across my yoni with his fingers. She purred, Wil turned my face to his and kissed me. “I’m sorry Baby J, you were just moving too slow.” I moaned in his mouth at this point I didn’t care what had happened before I wanted him inside me and fast. 

Wil stroked around my yoni and assessed my body aloud. “She’s a bit chubbier than I imagined, I like that. You’re so soft… your tummy is cute.” He laughed low and short as he continued to hold my neck, softly kissing me and gliding his free hand across my body. Wil lifted his hand to the center of my back and unsnapped my bra, pulling the straps down and off my body. My breast supple, full and yet small in size slightly giggled like jell-o. It was fairly nippy in the kitchen causing my nipples to protrude out. My bra hit the floor as Wil grabbed my breast firmly he muttered, “you’re the perfect mouth full I see…” He bit my neck, turned me around and tossed my shirt over and off my head. Fully exposed with my pants at my ankles Wil took my breast fully into his mouth. His lips soft, his mouth warm and his tongue amazingly careful, tactical and wet. As he entertained one breast with his mouth the other he tenderly fondeled the other with his hand. As he did this he continued to tell me how much he enjoyed my body and the fullness that made my silhouette. I tuned him out and got lost in his foreplay. 

A few very short minutes later Wil lifted me to the fruit counter knocking over most all the plums and oranges. He stood back to undress and I finally saw it, Wil’s penis hung low and swayed in the air as a pound bag of sand would on ones arm. It was heavy, it was dangerous and I was afraid. Fully unclothed he walked to me noticing me notice the not so mini part of him, he placed his shirt over his shaft. His shirt hung on him like a bath towel with no effort on his part. As he got closer to me I closed my legs, he was absolutely too large and I wanted to run. Fear stricken I glared at his penis and to his face, he looked determined. 

Wil could tell I was afraid but that didn’t stop him, he came to me I grabbed the metal countertop and closed my legs tighter. He kissed me in my mouth so sweetly my legs opened, he whispered in my ear,”I got you don’t worry, now spit.” Wil stepped back just enough so I could spit on his penis,”Now put it in.” He demanded, earlier his demands pushed me to my limits but this made my body shiver. I took him into me, first the head and then his shaft. My body literally stiffened from the thickness of him stretching me. “Wi. …Wil” I moaned out, my body fell into his and he pushed me back. “Be daddies big girl Baby J… I got you.” Slow at first Wil held his torso caved towards me as he watched me I watched his massive penis make me cream. I slid my index and middle finger over his penis for extra stability as he slowly entered me. “Is daddies baby girl ready?” He asked, “um hum” was all I could gather. Wil began to plow into me so hard and so quick that I could only tense up and allow it. My body shaking, my breast left to right, my tummy up and down. I wrapped my legs around him and held on to him for dear life. Drilling me and fucking me like animals in the safari I grabbed whatever was near, I had both a orange and a plum in both hands. Squeezing as one would bed sheets the plum burst first, then the orange and then me. Wil’s penis was so frothy with a white film similar to whipped cream, “that’s daddy’s girl… now let me see.” My body so weak and still pulsating I couldn’t open up for him. “are you being shy with daddy?”, “No, Wil I can’t…” Wil then spread my legs wide and licked me clean, like a baby front to back he wiped me with his tongue. My bean pulsating from the climax before I couldn’t handle him, attempting to close my legs Wil grabbed under and over my thighs. 

He forced my legs open and ate me until my body began to build, he then flipped me over the counter and rammed himself inside my yoni. Pulling both my arms behind my back Wil held them as if he was riding a horse. I tried to push him back with my hands he rammed into me so hard. Every time my hands touched his body he would spank me and say, “Bad Girl, Baby J!!!” Moaning perfusely, I obeyed him and once I did he slowed his tempo. “You’re creaming for me, I love when you cream for me. Are you ready for me to taste it…?” 

He pulled himself out of me and smacked himself on my yoni. No matter the amount of pain he inflicted my body begged for more, with great aggression Wil planted his face in my Yoni and sucked, fucked and slithered his tongue all over me. He fingered both my bum and yoni as he concord me.

I couldn’t take it I wanted to please him, I wanted to weaken him as he had me. I pushed back on Wil, he grabbed my waist and ate from me more aggressively. I pushed again and he released me, swiftly I turned around kneeled to him, looked up into his eyes and grabbed his shaft. I salivated, keeping my eyes to his I gently filled my mouth with as much of him as I could muster. My eyes watered, my airway blocked, I kept looking. My eyes rolled back into my head, my veins protruding in both my neck and temple. “Fuck, Baby J… fuck… shit… damn J” My mascara now trashed I pulled back gasping and fondling his jewels. As I placed my head to his scrotum I firmly stroked his saliva drenched penis. Licking and caressing his scrotum with my mouth I moaned out, Wil began to tighten up but I wasn’t ready for his release just yet. He’d tempted, teased and pleased me so greatly I couldn’t let this be it. I loosened my grip, moved my head from his scrotum and worked his tip with my mouth. I hummed on his member, I deep throated him and gave his scrotum much needed attention. His body caved in his toes scrunched tightly, It felt amazing to have him this way. He grabbed my head and I let him fuck my face. I cried tears running down my eyes I watched him. The amount of pleasure on his face and body made me smile inside. My face covered with saliva he finished, I felt his warmth at the back of my throat it splashed. I sucked him gently and ran my teeth on his tip. He roared out, BABY J!! I smiled like a child receiving praise from their parents. “What?” I giggled, “It was worth the wait J.” He kissed my lips and took me home, I was sleep in the passenger side before we left the restaurants parking lot. 


I had just went through a breakup, my ex and I had been together for 5 years. Some of them more beautiful than others some more chaotic. Our love was captivating but he and I together where no longer fulfilling, it was like a marriage gone astray we shared many things with one another including our home. We worked at things until we could work no longer, oddly enough I left peacefully. There’s a point when one knows the horse has enhaled and exhaled its last warmth of life, consequently the sharpest of blows could cause it no additional harm. 

I began a self healing voyage with one lone survivor, me. I began dating myself, I transitioned into a vegan diet, I participated in yoga and kept a journal. I mostly logged my progress and affirmations for myself, life and love. One passage read:

Sora you are: 

You are an amazingly beautiful woman, with an astonishingly beautiful soul. From the crown of your glorious head there rest beauty. Luscious coils of reddish brown hair. From there one would find golden blonde hair atop sun kissed skin. A skin so smooth and brown, with a reddish tint that glows under the sun and freckled like the ripest of bananas. You are one with the earth and at your worst a classic that is never to be tampered with. Gorgeous full eyes and a tiny nose, full lips that help soften statements and force power behind your words. You are amazing. Short in stature, gargantuant in poise and confidence. You are amazing. A smile of great lightness and joy, that helps mask any adversity experienced in this life awarded to you. You are amazing. A body full and ready to nurture, hold and bare kings and queens alike. Amazing. You. Are….

As I read over this weeks affirmation I heard my phone jingle, a reminder to get dressed for the nights coming festivities. Eager for fun and music I played some tunes on my record player and began to get dressed. My three friends and I met up and gathered together in my black beetle. I lowered the top and we were off to enjoy the night. Singing loudly and enjoying our youth we laughed and smiled. My friends and I the epitome of #BlackGirlMagic, your anything but average “Hotep” sisters. Equipped with self knowledge and desire for self preservation, the originators of confidence one would think. We were fully aware of ourselves, those things that gave us beauty and wonder. As well as the things that made us retreat and ponder our being. We always made room for love and laughter, that wasn’t limited to our urban attributes. There’s many things we’ve done for the culture and we embraced it as much as to be expected.

Juliana, Bina, Tish, and myself reached the music festival. Feeling free of past relationships, and any minial bouts of anguish we danced and sang along under the sun. Bina was well known and after the music stopped we were asked if we wanted to hang with the Artist. We all agreed, taking a ride and letting the universe work out the details we marched backstage. 

The atmosphere was cliche on the surface, many people were gathered in this spacious room, there were drugs and alcohol sprawled across the tables. Many smiling faces and boisterous laughter filled the room, with an aroma of sweet hookah smoke and what seemed to be fruit flavored inscents. My friends and I relished in our happiness and made a point to really feel and indulge in the moment. 

We were introduced to the main act Zamir, I shook his hand last and said, “Hey I am Sora, you really did your thing tonight.” Locked into one another he smiled sharply and with a low yet deep voice responded, “Thank you Queen, it means a lot preforming to a large group of people can be exhausting. I’m glad you enjoyed it.” Zamir was fine with his rock grunge garb, adorned with flamboyant textiles such as silk and the softest of cottonsHe appeared as a young Lenny Kravitz with his layered attire, bandanna around his neck, a shredded cotton tee that lay beneath a suede button down. His jeans fit him well, they looked pretty worn yet stylish floating over his Gucci slide in slippers. Za smelled of Chanel bleu and I was intrigued, not to have him but to know him mentally.

We all hung out and the night was beautiful, due to my recent six month transition I was on a natural high. I went home alone that night and later got a call from Zamir, “Just making sure you made it home safe.” Although I responded with a prompt yes that wasn’t the end of our conversation. We talked for three hours, the conversation was stimulating and much appreciated. He told me about his next show in another city in the next coming weeks, I wished him the best and went about my night. 

Two weeks had passed and he and I spoke briefly between his shows. Tonight was his show in California and I just so happened to be in the neighborhood with a few friends. Bina was on the list as always and we made our way to the show and later back stage. Again we had a beautiful time soaking up the atmosphere and the night around us. However this night was a bit different, I saw Zamir and he had a glazed over look. He seemed a bit clouded and it wasn’t from the Mary Jane filling his lungs. Worried a bit we talked and I tried to feel him out, I asked few questions and he gave me honest responses. He was lost in the times and the accelerated pace of his new found lifestyle in music. 

That night at 3 am we walked the Coronado beach, as we walked and he shared his recent experiences on tour we stopped. We sat and watched the water, I looked at him with intent and interest as he shared his stories. He stopped talking and stared down at my face, confused and embarrassed I giggled. “What?”, “Sora you’re really beautiful”. 

Before I could responsed Zamir grabbed my neck and gently guided my face to his. We kissed so deeply, so passionately I couldn’t resist but to sink into him, into the moment into the passion of the night. I pulled away and stared back into his eyes and smiled. I pushed him into the sand gently and straddled him, as I rest my body on his manhood I felt the girth of him, his length at that time a mystery. I lowered my upper body on to him and whispered into his ear that I was here and I am his safe place. Immediately after I felt Zamir’s body release all tension, he kissed me and his member jumped pleasantly between my legs. Slowly I undressed him, first I exposed his chest to see a perfectly blended mixture of chest hair, blemish free skin and a small Ankh tattoo on his right shoulder. I kissed his warm body gently both sides of his neck and down to his nipples, I licked them both softly and continued downward. To protect him from the sand surrounding us I only unbuttoned his jeans to expose his shaft. Dark in color with a natural sheen, thick and riddled with veins I could feel in my palm I weakened and accepted the challenge ahead of me. To put it plainly, Zamir was large and fully pigmented and I loved it. 

I was reaching my seventh month of celibacy and Zamir was the perfect specimen to break the cycle. I climbed on top of him once more and grabbed him firmly, I looked into his eyes and stared at him as I moistened my hand and whipped it across my yoni. I slid all of me on him, still locked into his gaze his eyes opened wide as he felt my warmth. He grabbed my hips and smiled I pushed his hands away gently in an effort to let him know I needed no grand assistance. I planted my feet in the sand after filling myself with his fullness, I lifted myself slowly up and down, up and down. My yoni like the sea behind me produced waves of moisture, I stared at him as I road him. My facial expressions filled with pure pleasure I didn’t want to look away from him. As I gave the sweet of me to him I gathered the intent of healing, my body was at its peak of cleanliness and fluid femininity. I knew whatever was worrying him would falter after entering my body. Slow and deep I coasted on his shaft, he sank into the sand. I watched what I had never had the pleasure of experiencing before. Euphoria in a man preclimax, Za was in a literal trance. His eyes were empty, his body weak, he moaned passionately. I knew my plan to heal him was working so I upped the ante, I placed my hands on his chest gently so I wouldn’t disturb his state of mind. My legs began weakening under me, I used his body to propel myself up and down swiftly on top of him. Over the peaceful acoustics of the ocean I moaned, my eyes rolled back and I began to fuck away his stress and mine. Our bodies making our own music, my wetness created a stirring sound against his thick, veined, onyx penis. My eyes watered, my body clinched and I began to squirt all over him. The out pour weakened me even more but I couldn’t stop myself from riding him. In his shock he grabbed me from below and pounded into me, I released my internal river over him even harder than before. I let out a constant and insistant moan, my toes curled and I wept. As he watched me I felt his member strengthen and tighten within me, I moaned to him, “I am your safe place, fill me with your pain…”. Za grabbed me so tight my arms brused partially, he placed his warm mouth on my breast and tore into me. He thrusted so fiercely so quickly inside of me, filling me completely with both his sweet liquid warmth and his manhood. My mouth gaping wide I couldn’t release a sound, one tear fell from my eye and Za sank into my bosom. Breathing heavily he squeezed me firmly and whispered my name, “Sora….” he chanted my name 7 times before laying me in the sand and feasting passionately on my yoni. Zamir ate from my womanhood in every position possible, filling me with his tongue, fondling my bean, my body reacted so sweetly. He gently felt my lips with his fingers and slowly entered inside of me with them, licking me clean each time and sucking gently on my bean I relaxed and released inside of his mouth three times. Even when I tried to exscape his grasp he would catch every drop. Zamir ate from me and resurfaced with a full belly and a glazed beard. We kissed and walked back to where everyone else was located, my fingers locked into his. Well pleased and soon to be well rested we both worked the room. Chatting and meeting eyes periodically I was satisfied I had cured him of what had been holding him prior. Zamir was now as I met him full of life and a ray of light. As a grand gesture of thanks Zamir did two more things that would surprise me and please both my body and ego. 

Before the party ended Zamir took me into the bathroom lifted me to the wall and feasted on me once more. This time not as gentle, this time his technique wasn’t as diverse, however this time took me no more than five minutes to fill his belly with the sweet of me once more. He placed me back on my feet as he sank into the tile he rested his head at my yoni, I palmed his head full of coily amber hairs and we rested. Moments later we parted ways and unpon the next mixtape realse my ego was filled. Zamir named the album Soratonin an ode to me as well as 22 songs that filled the catalog. Expressing great love and desire my healing was both appreciated and as real as he and I were standing in that party. 

Pillow Talk: The Art of The Nude

A nude is an image taken to do a few things but mostly to intrigue the recipient, to let your partner know I miss you intimately, I desire you physically and I am anticipating your return. However many woman and men have difficulty curating an image they are comfortable with or that demands the response they anticipate.

Imagine this: You had a hard week at work or school and you decide to reward yourself by taking yourself out to your favorite restaurant for your absolute favorite meal. A Thick, juicy, succulent Porterhouse steak, perfectly cooked with garlic and butter mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables seasoned to perfection. However instead of placing it on the finest bone white china like they usually do, they slap it on top of a filthy garbage can lid. There are flies and other insects swarming what would be your delicious meal. It takes away a bit of the appeal, your mouth doesn’t salivate as much now as it did before. This is still your favorite meal and you would definitely devour it if it was presented to you properly. Well that is the exact train of thought you should have when it comes to taking a nude or forty.

Heres an outline of good nude practices.


We like to think Nudes are or can be spontaneous yet glorious, sometimes this is true but most times not so much. The idea of “Let me step in the work restroom and give him a digital gift.”, is a romanticized view of nudes. How many times have you been in the mood and looked below and your garden was less than manicured? Yes as Amber Rose has shown us (literally) some men/women are into a bit of bush. However lets also note that Amber’s yoni was pleasant to the eye, trimmed and clean. Her presentation was impeccable, that’s the quality nude I want to help you produce.

Sex Kittens if you’re one for a made-up face pull out those brushes and get to work, if you’re one for a natural appearance swipe the gloss a few times, brush your brows and go for it.

And you tiger, its pretty simple please wash your face. Your mate doesn’t want to see your breakfast in the places they choose to sit.

*Remember this is a gift to your partner, if your mate doesn’t like a bunch of makeup tone it down this one time. “I liked it but why did you have all that on your face…?” No one wants to hear that.

To prepare the main attraction, your beautifully glorious body it’s fairly simple too. You know exactly what your mate likes when it comes to hair/no hair/moderate hair etc. Most people are pretty verbal about it, if not you should be comfortable enough to ask. Right?

Make that bi-weekly wax appointment or line up your intimate parts yourself, whatever you choose please make sure its done properly and tools are clean. Even if you’re natural and your mate enjoys hair, a line up and trim can go a long way.

Exfoliate your body and rub yourself down with your traditional moisturizer, nothing too special here. You just want your skin to look as desirable as possible and a bit of ash isn’t what your baby is looking for.

Some men like to work out a bit to make their body appear more lean/cut at a particular moment. If that’s you, go for it! It doesn’t hurt to do a crunch or two to show off for your boo.

Now that your body and naughty parts have been taken care of its time to outfit yourself. Depending on what you’re into you can opt for full on bare body, a trace of lace or modest mayhem. Again you know what your partner is into, don’t be afraid to include costumes. If youre into role-playing you can set the tone throughout the day with both Images and text. Maybe you have ears and a tail from last Halloween and tonight’s the night you want to unleash your inner sex kitten. Clothing also acts as a prop if you can’t decide what you want to do with your hands. Make sure your garments are stain free, hole free (unless it was made that way, i.e crotchless panties.) and have the proper fit youre looking to achieve. Anything can distract your partner from the gift that is given to them.

Equip for the Equipment:

Ok we are getting closer to the fun now, you have your camera of choice and you’re ready to go at it. I know but just wait there are tools you can use that will help amplify the quality of these epic nudies youre about to take. Things you can use to help get the right lighting and angles include:

LUMEE case (selfie phone case that lights up.)



Ring light

Camera timer

You definitely do not need all or any of these items but they make for better images if you do choose to use them.

Set the Studio:

While you charge your LUMEE, before you prop up your Tripod or whip out your selfie stick please tidy up your “set”. Tigers you have this common problem, most Sex Kittens receive Shaft Selfies from men who are usually in a room or bathroom with a pile of clothes on the floor, a bottle of lotion and an old dinner plate on the night stand. Now instead of marveling at the intended masterpiece, the recipient is most likely zoomed in to the massive amount of mold on the dinner plate. Not appealing and this warrants a less than flattering response.

Ready Set Pose: 

Ok you’re all ready and there’s no more time to waste, your space is tidy, your equipment is set and ready, your body is tantalizing and your face is pleasantly presentable.

Lets take this to the bathroom, the most simple and seductive set up is usually bubble bath images. Soak yourself in the suds and aim your camera to the assets of your choosing.

If you’re using a LUMEE case hit the lights in the bathroom, candles are a nice addition but not necessary. By turning off the lights and relying on the LUMEE light you create a spot light on what youre capturing. (Please don’t try this with a simple camera flash unless youre only taking body shots. It seems most people are wide-eyed when they look back at photos taken that way. Can we say creepy?) With the LUMEE you can use your front facing camera and get exactly what youre looking to capture.

Selfie sticks are great because they help with the wider shots, the only con is your protruding arm in some poses. Imagine your body submerged in bubbles, water all over your skin creating a glisten worth a million words, your face and hair pleasantly manicured…the selfie stick captures every ounce, it’s basically perfect!

Tripod and Selfie rings help when you want action shots or videos. I have a tripod selfie stick which has a remote, You can’t miss when you have remote access. Put on music of your choosing and dance a sensual or provocative number, you can even “feel yourself” and let your partner watch you perform. That’s sure to get their body responding and eager to meet you for a play date.

Don’t forget if you’re not all made up, and if you don’t have a pretty pout like you’d like body shots will suffice. That’s where your angles come in to play, as well as for body imaging. Maybe youre not pleased with how your body looks at one angle, try shooting from above, under or the opposite side. Relax you have plenty of time to take a fine tooth comb through the images before you send them!

Pro or Con

Big and I carried on this way for about two weeks, I was pretty happy and excited for our relationship. However Big had other plans. Big and I had played the relationship roles for a while without the commitment and it felt ok. In the back of my mind I wondered when he’d introduce me to friends and profess our relationship. 
I had soon gotten my answer, woken by a constant vibrating on the night stand I nudged Big. “Honey your phone.” I turned over assuming it was his job, Big grabbed his phone and stepped in the other room. I anticipated his return, I had gotten to the point I couldn’t sleep without him at my side. After about five minutes I got up to hear him say, ” I gave you the time you said you needed, baby don’t do this.” 
-“Baby don’t do this… baby?” Who the fuck!?
“Dinner tonight, can we talk about it then?”
Big ended his call and returned to bed with me, he pulled me in close and tight. I was lost, livid and weak, Big couldn’t introduce me to his friends or family because Big had someone in that position. As I suspected Big was keeping me around for just what I was the first night, desert. I wanted to hit him as he laid on my body, I also wanted to fuck his brains out. 
The man that had been supplying me with grade A D was a shitty con artist, but hearing what I heard and having the intuition of 3 black mothers I laid under him, holding his head planning. 
I weighed my options:
•the dick is superb 

•the head is better

•he looks good on my arm

•I make him look better
-he has a woman 

-I don’t want to share him

-you’ll never have him completely 

-he thinks you’re dumb/a toy
-Or this could be a personal challenge, see who wins you or her? NO! 
I pulled the covers down and pushed Big off of me, he slept like a log. I began to suck Big so well his manhood stood at attention within the first few second. He awoke grinning, “Can we try something new?” I asked, “Yes baby” “fuck my face?” 
I laid across the bed with my head hanging over, I caressed my body. I teased Big, I kissed his waist, shaft, head and scrotum. I gave him sensual eye contact, I teased him until he pleaded with me. As soon as I got into position Big slowly went as deep as he could in my throat. He pulled out and back in, slowly he did this… “baby I want to devour you, please fuck my face.” He obliged, gagging me and creating the thickest saliva possible I let Big do as he pleased. Saliva was all over the both of us, like taffy it pulled and stretched between us. My eyes watered but my yoni as hurt as I did not respond, I moaned and felt myself… I preformed and right before Big could cum I pushed him away, stood up and told him, “Whoever you’re not trying to loose, let her finish the job.” I collected all my things and left. 
Big called me back to back for 30 min before I put him on do not disturb, texting me repeatedly I blocked him. 

Betrayed I threw myself into my work, I was right to be guarded to be careful but I wasn’t good at it. Big penetrated more than my body, he penetrated my heart. 

We didn’t speak or see each other for three days, on the fourth day he was at my home with flowers and gifts when I returned from work. I took the gifts said thanks and closed my door. As Big yelled his sorrow and pleaded his case I changed my clothes. He was outside for a good two minutes before I reappeared, in my doorway with sweats on Big walked towards me. Before he could say more I punched him and I didn’t stop until my arms where clinched between his. “I’m sorry babe, I’m sorry!!” He kissed me, I whipped my face as quickly as I could. Without looking at him I told him to leave. He put me down pleaded more. 
I left him outside locked my door and cried I hated Big 
My phone beeped, 

>Joseph: When can I take you out Miss Lady?
>Me: Tonight 

Vibrating Panties

In Montego Bay I relaxed like a Sun Goddess, I basked in the sun, I laughed with the locals and ate like a queen, each moment more beautiful than the last. I sun bathed topless on the deck for four days in a row. My phone remained on do not disturb for the entire duration of my trip, it was glorious. Some how, some way the night before leaving Big crept into my thoughts. I had just packed my things up and showered, I took a moment to appreciate my body in a full length mirror. Looking at my new bronzed skin and my tan lines perfectly aligning my yoni and bum. I thought -Now wait until Big sees me oiled up and ready. I giggled and went to sleep.

After arriving in the states I turned my phone on and I was bombarded by emails, text and voicemails. Not one from Big….

“I’ll give it time, let all my messages load up.”

I thought to myself as I went to baggage claim. An hour later and still nothing, I retired to my usual spa for a relaxing body scrub and massage. It was everything I needed and more after traveling but it didn’t calm my mind with Big.

After my spa treatment I went home and unpacked as I listened to music and tidied up I thought of my nights plans. I went to get my phone and there he was in my messages.

B: I hope you relaxed in MBJ, see you tonight at 8p -Big

It was then only 4p so I finished up at home and prepared for the night. I was excited to see Big but scared, mostly because just before we started messing around Big wasn’t one for constant contact. “can I trust this feeling?, Can I trust him?, Is this real? What does he even want?” All these questions hit me like a bag of soap. We needed this date more than ever, I needed it. A platform to ask questions and see and feel him when he responded. Keeping sex the furthest away from our conversation was best and that’s what we did.

Big was romantic so I found out, flowers, opening doors. It was sweet, so much so I decided to thank his parents in my prayers that night. We sat and ate I asked Big every question that came to my mind. He answered plainly and what I believed to be honestly. All things I could agree with and all things I wanted to hear, but I was still guarded. We had about 4 more dates that week and on the fifth I decided I was ready to show off my tan lines. I also felt closer to Big like I could let out my deepest bedroom desires.

He called that night an hour before we planned to meet and let me know tonight’s date would be relaxed. I didn’t mind because I planned to spice things up. I got dressed in one of my favorite colors, black. A sheer black short lace tunic, accompanied with a balconette black lace bra, pumps and the perfect pair of midwaist black denim pants. He came to my door and as we walked to the car I handed him a small box, “There’s something special for you inside if you can answer a few questions correctly.” I asked him things I knew he could answer correctly… nerd trivia and pop culture questions.

When we got to the restaurant I handed him the box and told him he could open it after we placed our food order. He smiled and said ok.

Inside he opened the box to see a small remote and a note that read:

I’ve driven you crazy just maybe, I driven you wild and smiled. Here’s a controller for the one least in control. Maybe you’ll drive me crazy, maybe you’ll drive me wild… push the button love muffin. 

I then put his hand near my yoni as he pushed the first button. He looked at me in my face wide eyed. As my panties vibrated and my body quivered. “Really!? All night I can have this?”, “All night, but I’m sure you won’t need it.” I replied. We ate as much as we could of our dinner, which wasn’t much. We skipped desert and went straight to his place. I could get no more ready than I was on the ride home and neither could he.

Before the door could close he lifted me off my feet and out of my shoes, ripped my pants off and threw me on the couch. While I was taking his clothes off I remembered that morning I saw him before my trip and the night that lead up to it. I was excited but not as excited as him, he entered me without protection. It hurt a bit more than usual, in and out of me he pulled. Slapping his head on my yoni, I could hear the small smacking sound he made. He was teasing me and I could bare it. I grabbed him and shoved him inside of me, my eyes rolled back he kissed me on my forehead and instructed me that this may hurt a bit. I smiled, “I’ll take it.”

Those words ignition to his flame, once again all manners left him at that moment and he became a beast. Aggressive yet graceful in his handling me, rough but considerate. That night Big fucked me and he fucked me hard, I enjoyed the seamless combination of pain and pleasure. As he rammed himself into me I could feel my yoni literally splash, wetness poured out of me like a fountain. Turned on by the short out pouring Big went harder! I grabbed his arms and let him drill into me, I watched all of his manhood stuffed inside of me to the base. In and out he rammed into me, my moans were high at some points and a whimper at others. I enjoyed the ride. Big flipped me over, before he could guide me I arched my back deeply, pushing my yoni as high as it could go. I spread my legs just enough and I looked to him and said, “More.” Big rested his hands on my bum, stretched with his manhood resting on my yoni. For a few moments both he and I throb on one another, this made me want him more. Once Big was ready he stepped back, I took both hands and gently spread my cheeks. I wanted him inside me with no interruptions.
My yoni throbbing he stepped to me, rubbed himself up and down my yoni, spit on his shaft and rammed it inside me. The feeling was glorious, I screamed out, “Yes!” Moments after we began in this position Big grabbed me tight, pulled me in close and jack hammered into me for a few moments until his scrotum tightened. I could feel him inside me ready to explode. I pushed him out of me and grabbed his shaft firmly to squeeze out every ounce. As I massaged his head I sucked and licked his scrotum and there it was, warm and sweet I let him release all over my lips and face. I sucked him dry after and smiled. His body glistening with sweat I could see he was tired. I went to shower, I anticipated a quick shower but that’s not how Big saw it. As I showered I felt a draft…. Big was entering the shower as I rinsed my body. He gently grabbed my waist and bent me over, separating my legs with his head. He gently kissed my lips, my inner thigh and the side of my bum. Big tasted my yoni for what felt like hours… gently he licked, sucked and kissed me. Tears filled my eyes as the water ran down my body I was in heaven.