I am a traveling, writer, any-time sipper a lingerie connoisseur. I am action and adventure, comedy and drama! I am excitement there ain't​ a boring day, not one!

Pink Panties 

I woke up naturally, my body drained, my mouth dry and my head spinning. It was apparent I had a hangover and that was fine with me. I was prepared for heavy drinking since it was Keisha’s birthday. What I wasn’t prepared for was to find an overnight guest in my apartment. As I rose […]


Pillow Talk: Blow me, Please?!

A male friend of mine and I were riding around and he asked me a question I think most men want to ask: “How do I get a blow job without having to ask?”  I couldn’t give him a straight answer, well not one that made sense and wasn’t dismissive. So I’ve taken time to […]