San Francisco in Review

I recently went to San Francisco for an impromptu day trip. The weather was perfect the food, delicious and the people kind. Here’s San Francisco in photo-review.

First stop, Tacos. I got to San Fran at about 10a from ORD (Chicago, O’Hare) and like most normal people food was on my mind. I went to a literal “hole in the wall” place, that was pretty tasty with nicely portioned tacos. I met the owners, two brothers of different lovers. Their bromance helped them come together on a common love for tacos. Totally worth a quick trip, to find out more tap the link Little Taqueria SF or visit their insta Little Taqueria SF Insta.


With a full pot in my belly and a quickly drying fro I hopped into an Uber and headed straight to the Golden Gate Bridge! Spending a very quick 10 min here I met this beautiful Asian guy taking Polaroids to fund a project he’s working on. (He wears grey frames if you see him shoot your shot.) I couldn’t support his cause because, well, cash. I don’t carry it. As you can see the sky was clear, my self timer game is flawless and my hanger ribbons came to play.


China town, I have to explore “China Town” everywhere one is offered. Why? Well it plainly comes down to the beauty, culture and food. As this was a day trip I stayed a short while in China town. With just enough time to visit Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory. There is a free “tour” and samples of the delicious cookies! Which come in both chocolate and the traditional flavor. (Is it vanilla?) There’s also “adult fortune cookies”, with hilariously awkward x-rated fortunes. A bag will run you about $7!

As The Sky Dims.

Did someone say “Painted Ladies”?! So full disclosure, when my friend suggested I see the painted ladies I assumed nudity would be involved. I was pretty excited, especially because I love living up to my blogs name. Unless you want to consider a door knob a Mountainous bosom you’ll be beautifully disappointed. The painted ladies happen to be painted homes I may never be able to afford and I am ok with that. For a $4 Uber, and roughly 3 minute ride, I visited my childhood home. Ok.. ok not really you may know I was born and raised in Chicago. Like many of my other peers Mrs. Doubtfire’s home holds a special place in our hearts!

Located at 2640 Steiner Street, Mrs. Doubtfire’s home has been repainted from its vanilla colored hue to a light modern grey. This facelift also comes with new owners, I didn’t meet them but a friend visited San Fran two days after me and said the new owners are pleasant.

Before we depart…

Lombard Street, which is best experienced from a birds eye view but can obviously be witnessed from ground level. Lombard Street is known as one of the most crooked, steep streets in the world with surrounding mansions. (Although it isn’t even the crookedest Street in San Fran.) It was still worth the $5 Uber pool!

*Not my image, found in a google search.

And there you have it, a day in San Fran full of tourist destinations. I plan to visit once more and explore more food and both the erotic scene and night life. Until next time!




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