Pillow Talk: Blow me, Please?!

A male friend of mine and I were riding around and he asked me a question I think most men want to ask: “How do I get a blow job without having to ask?” 
I couldn’t give him a straight answer, well not one that made sense and wasn’t dismissive. So I’ve taken time to figure out some things that’ll better your chances of random BJs. 

First let’s consider your little sex kitten, does she enjoy giving BJ or is it a duty/chore she knows you enjoy? Let’s assume when she preforms in the bedroom it’s genuine. Does she take her time down there? If she does enjoy it this is an easy fix, however if it is a chore we have some searching to do. 

What makes giving a BJ a chore/strenuous:

You. It has absolutely nothing to do with your lady really. How’s your hygiene, are you coming from a basketball game and asking for a little around the rim? Do you let your “bottom beard” grow like a forest? Do you give her constant coaching she hasn’t enlisted? Do you physically “guide” her aggressively?  

All these things we consider before taking care of our honey. No one really wants a constant, “Do this, now do that”. Some ladies want to freestyle, some want to be free to try new techniques on you. The more you coach and tell her what to do the more you’ll get exactly what you’re asking for. That may sound ok but you don’t leave room for it to get better, you’re taking away the fun and she may not feel comfortable “wildin out” on your member. Keep your hands off her head unless she instructs you to put them there. (can’t stress that enough) If you want to “guide” your lady here’s how: 

While in the moment you can politely let her know by your moans, affirmation and your body’s reaction. (Twitching, toe curls, jerking etc.) 
Think of manscaping as you would plating at a fine dining restaurant. If it looks unkept it may not look appetizing to your lady, if it is unkept it definitely won’t taste good either. Your bottom beard retains fragrances from your body it also tickles and gets in the way. In this case she won’t be licking the plate clean. Be mindful of what you eat, no one wants to swallow your honey and it taste like bullets.  

The Head Doctor 
I love sucking my guys penis but…

I’ve heard this often and I’ve often said the same, some ladies enjoy giving blow jobs and those ladies are usually pretty good at it. Being good at it comes with great expectancy. No one wants to be asked everyday for a BJ. The “Head Doctor” will pleasure you usually in most any condition. However these sex kittens treat their oral pleasures as a treat. (which they should) 

You’re on a treat system and don’t even know it. “He made me so happy, I can’t wait to suck him dry!” Ever pissed your lady off and didn’t get any oral pleasures for a month or something crazy? You most likely upset her or left her hanging in some part of the relationship. The fix is simple, good behavior. Speak her love language without expecting anything in return, be genuine in your advances. Also remember foreplay is a all day thing, if you want a “no hassle bj” or potential random BJs put your bid in early. Flowers at breakfast, a sweet note at lunch and a back rub after dinner kind of thing. 

This isn’t fool proof, but they are definitely cheat codes. 

Put your bid in Tiger, see how she responds. Don’t forget to return the favor.


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