Photographic Memory

It was about 3 in the afternoon, I had been awake since 4this morning running none stop. Working and getting things together around the house I was in a constant state of movement, my phone on do not disturb I politely stood in Starbucks line. I was fogged thinking what drink to get a decaf caramel macchiato or iced cinnamon dolce latte? As I pondered my drink order he tapped my shoulder… gently but firm. Without looking back to acknowledge him I stepped back into reality.

Grande decaf caramel macchiato with extra caramel drizzle please. I wanted to feel the warmth hit my insides as I slurped down this sugary goodness. However no more than I wanted to devour the gentleman that appeared in front of me, “Add her drink to my bill please.” I stepped back to take in this man who was obviously of the creative nature. He was beautiful like a woman is beautiful without a homosexual undertone. He smelled of a soft woody musk… I thanked him and smiled. “You were pretty out of it, I figured today was a long one for you.”

Smiling he unveiled a crooked smile, his teeth were white his gums pink. His lips full and plump almost protruding from under his salt and pepper mustache. He was dark as night and his skin had a sheen you’d only be able to notice when close to him, he stood about 5’11 and he dressed in yoga garb. Wearing structured harem pants and a tunic with a denim jacket, his monochromatic greys under the dark blue oozed with masculinity and made him appear to be a bit wise. His hair was partially shaved on one side and a low coily charismatic fro grew on the opposite side.

We talked briefly as I noticed he had camera equipment in his backpack. I asked a few qualifying questions as I needed a photographer for a few upcoming work events. “If you have time I can show you a few things.” Being that this was the last errand on my list I had more time than I knew what to do with. “Sure I live about a block from here if you’re ok with that, If not I’ll spare a few minutes here.” He smiled and agreed to follow me to my place. We talked more as we took the short walk to my place and up the stairs.

I asked if he’d like something to drink as he set up in the other room, I grabbed some water. As I passed through the house to get the kitchen I turned on some music so it was hard to hear him. Out of his jacket and flicking test shots at my wall he asked if I’d let him shoot me a bit, laughing shy like I agreed. That’s when things began to change for the better… or wetter.

I played in front of the camera for a few short minutes and began taking my clothes off, slowly at first my jacket then shoes. Within five minutes my dress was on the floor and I was completely naked. He stepped back still taking pictures as I danced seductively towards him, I knew what I wanted and so did he. Smiling he stepped toward me and dropped his camera on the couch. I undressed him, his shirt first. Climbing up his body with kisses all over his thick base, his shirt over his head I wouldn’t let him kiss me. Then his pants, secured by asymmetrical snaps I ripped them off, he like myself didn’t agree with undergarments. He was partially ready and pre cum was present, I grabbed him his shaft and base clear of hair I looked up into his eyes. Locking eyes I opened my mouth wide and stretched out my tongue to accept the gift. My lips full and moisturized I took him into my mouth slurping and moistening him. When I removed him from my mouth saliva connected the two of us. He took my head into his hands and fucked my face so hard my face looked as if my nose and mouth were running simultaneously from all the saliva. With my face full of tears and my throat ravished I stood up only to swiftly be bent over and handled.

Bent over he slowly entered me, once inside fully he pounded as hard as he could. I felt him deep inside me filling me up and rearranging my insides. It was a pleasant pain but one I couldn’t take for too much longer, rather than have me scream out to the high heavens he slowed down. My body collapsed, he turned me over and ate my yoni with a less aggressive approach. As he ate my yoni he stroked his penis, the view was amazing so much so I had to capture it. I took his camera into my hands and took pictures of him enjoying me up until he began to build my climax. I grabbed his head as he had mine and directed his movements, while winding up my hips and holding his had I came in his mouth. Thinking he would be offended and leave I released my hand from his head slowly. Rising from the floor still massaging his penis, I positioned my body under his allowing him to release all over my breast. I smiled and retired to the shower, my music still on once I returned to the room him and all his things were gone.


A week later I checked my mail to find a picture of him eating my yoni and his number… telling me to call him.

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