Dear Readers,

The other day I got up to take a wiz in the middle of the night. My phones screen was lighting up with instagram messages and likes. I paid it no mind and went on to sleep. The following morning I checked my phone to see amoung missed text, emails etc. there was a instagram message from a guy I dated. The text read “text me”, before he got the courage to DM me he went on a liking spree of newer images. 

Long story short this man like others treated me badly, once he had enough of my pleasantries he was so harsh like he never knew love in his life. He never valued me as a person, my opinion or the genuine love and support I offered. I am a true “Virgo” in that I nurture and care for those I love and sometimes people I don’t even know, it brings me great joy. Him included. 

As I laid in the bed with this amazing man sitting at the foot of it preparing for work, I knew I was completely done with my previous partners. I literally looked at the message and in my head said, “boooooy if you don’t.” 

I am eagerly and genuinely hoping for the best with myself and current love interest. However I want to remind y’all that there’s ALWAYS better. There’s always someone willing to do the things you desire without hesitation or you having to pester them. Do not go back to those that hurt you! They are rarely sorry and they’ll continue to abuse you. 

If you’re in a bad space with someone I advise you to do as I have. Leave, take time for solitude, visit a therapist and love on yourself fiercely!!! Date yourself and become content with your self and life, that inner genuine happiness can come from no one but yourself.
I love you all, 



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