Lusting Lauren 

I laid there next to him, I had grown accustomed to sleeping with our backs to one another. It was a combination of him being exhausted often and not wanting to cuddle up. Although it wasn’t my preference I was ok with the compromise, there was so much he did to help me feel secure, and wanted I could do with out consistently cuddling every night.

However tonight I wasn’t tired at all, attempting to be considerate of him working himself silly I wanted to let him rest. I looked to him, his face perfect, fresh from the shower he smelled amazing. I grinned and as always he caught me, “what’s wrong” he said. “I’m ok…*smiles*” I was smitten honestly and it embarrassed me. How could I like him this way so soon, with minimal effort? I didn’t question things for long, I was laying next to the man who made my heart smile. I didn’t want to waste my energy or time on questioning my feelings, I had a Flight to catch early in the morning and I wanted to relish in our last hours until next time.

He was in and out of sleep as I gently rested my hand on his abs and my head on his chest, “you can’t feel anything if my shirt is on…”, “So are you going to take it off or naw.”

“Na…”, my hand was under his shirt before he could say much more. “There you go..” he closed his eyes in preparation for sleep but that’s not what would satisfy me at the moment. Rubbing a body he worked so hard for, my body moistened. As I stroked his body I went lower, down to his waistline, grazing the waistband of his basketball shorts.

My yoni in cahoots with me, purring inside my underwear. My mind pondering our next move, “he has to work tomorrow. Would you be willing to roll over in the middle of the night to satisfy him if he did this to you? Of course… Do you want sleepy sex? Uhhh.” I grazed his penis with my leg first, he didn’t budge. Then I slowly rubbed down his shaft, he wasn’t aroused, his member less intimidating this way. With time I plainly said, fuck it.

I reached into his shorts and kissed his lips gently, one eye opened first, he smiled. I licked his lips and we both laughed. “Sunshine, I have to go to sleep. We have to be up at 5a, relax.” I wanted to obey him but I couldn’t calm my ever demanding yoni. “Babe, just real quick…” Who did I become to recite such an embarrassing line. “Lauren we can’t, now lay down.” I obliged and resorted to my side. He came up close behind me, placing his manhood on my bum. I melted a bit. Holding me for a short time once he released me I swung into action.

I dipped under the covers and took him inside my mouth. My position awkward, the temperature almost causing me to sweat. I sucked him until he rose in my mouth. Everything I did for him I did with love and this was no different. Making love to his penis as I sucked it I moaned. He pulled the covers back, “really, this what you want?” I smiled and began stroking him as I took the fullness of his scrotum into my mouth. He widened his legs and lifted me by my forearm. Placing me slowly onto my favorite seat in the whole house.

Lamar was good at a number of things, being a provider, being a leader, making me feel like the only girl in the world. He wasn’t limited to those things either, pleasing me well when necessary always seemed to be his priority. Tonight was no different, as I rode his face my body shuttered. I came out of my top and then my bra. Topless with my panties to the side I enjoyed his pleasantries.

This was short-lived as I wanted more so to please him. I turned my body to sixty-nine my lover. As I approached him I prepared my throat and cleared my mind. Taking his shaft deep into my throat I stretched my tongue out. I was aiming my tongue towards his scrotum, just barely reaching it. My eyes watering I took his jewels into my hand and shifted them to the base of his shaft, licking them as much as my throat and tongue would allow. In and out of my mouth I bounced my head in a swift but composed movement. Saliva building between us, pulling like pizza dough. In a trance only considering him I didn’t realize he stopped pleasing me and took in the sights and sensation happening around him.

He lifted my body back, his hands gently climbing up my body to my breast. He kissed my bum, His free hand on my lower back he motioned for me to move down. I warmly took my position on top of him, never realizing how easily and swiftly I glided across his body. My yoni moistened, his manhood covered in a thick film of saliva I slid down him. So much power was behind his erection, I planted my feet into the bed and rode him slowly, up and down creating a deep squat. Massaging him with spontaneous kegels, and fondling his scrotum I felt him slap my bum. In my reverse cowgirl position I leaned forward balancing my weight on all four limbs. I then lifted myself as high as I could and down as far as my body would allow without releasing him. I wanted him to see my yoni swallowing him whole and the moisture she created as a “thanks”.

I could feel his hands all over me and I felt proud, accomplished to be embraced by him I felt like a lady, his lady and that was necessary to me. With this feeling I felt I could share all of me with him and not regret it. My filthiest desires could be expressed and explored. When I proved to be taking too long in my effort to fuck him slowly he bent my over into the bed. Again I never realized how effortlessly we transitioned from one position to the next. Assuming it was just my state of pure enjoyment.

Now bent over with my upper body fully parallel to the bed, Lamar entered me slowly. Initially we created a gentle bounce before he decided to fuck me with a delightfully rigorous stroke. I couldn’t moan, I couldn’t say his name, I could only grip the sheets and let him have at it while I enjoyed the ride. I opened my yoni more as he placed one foot on the bed and his hand atop my bum. Within minutes he painted my yoni with the sweet of him. Unlike usual it wasnt as warm, it was thicker and sticky…I felt my yoni in confusion.

As I reached down I felt my underwear, I opened my eyes only to realize I had been dreaming. Lamar and I fell asleep after he pushed his manhood against my bum. Still holding me when I woke up, he later retreated to his side of the bed and I was on mine. It was 5:12 am and time for me to prepare for my flight. I needed a shower but settled for a pantyliner change until I reached home.

3 thoughts on “Lusting Lauren 

  1. Note to all men…5 am with booty on your dick is the best part to wake up, even if it is like 430. Unless you are flying a plane or doing something like saving the world, you can give 30mins up. That is the end of the rant. The piece was great i loved it as I always do Miss.

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