Over worked & UnderF*ckd Pt2

As I fondled my bean and peered into his eyes gazing like he took me into his arms. Swiftly but gracefully he lifted me with one arm holding us both up with his second arm.

His dominance over came me, kissing he lifted me back onto my pillows. A crimson hued background flickering with candle light. His manhood hung and danced between both his legs and mine, I couldn’t pause to look into his eyes, I couldn’t speak a word, nor make a sound before he was inside of me. Just the tip at first, both his arms now at the side of my head. His fist planted in the mattress, ape like he hovered over me. I looked him over resting my hand on both his ribs and back, searching for a glimmer of passion and desire in his eyes.

Once I found it he pushed his weight on to me, in return digging into my yoni. My body pre-moistened by the earlier events, he slid into me so sweetly. Locking eyes, my mouth opened wide, my back arched ever so gently…he pushed me down and kissed my forehead as to comfort me. I grabbed both his arms, opened my legs wide and let him have his way.

He changed his tempo as a musician tunes up their instrument, searching my eyes, feeling my body…trying to discern what my body wanted. Every new pitch more satisfying than the other, every thrust fueled with great love, passion and tension. His eyes studying me I felt naked, open… to see him look at me with such a Curiosity I knew he had more in mind than just fucking me.

With a yoni fresh off of detox and a mind clear of insecurities I decided to let him enjoy me. As I settled in my position Lamar realized I had given into him conquering me. My flag had been waved and it was the best decision I had made since giving him my number.

Lamar then lifted himself grabbing my waist and quickly drilled into me, my breast formed their own rhythm. I felt a build up coming, I moaned loudly grabbing at him trying to get him close to me. Menacingly he fucked me, my mind empty my body crazed I couldn’t hold back any longer. I squirted all over, forcing him out of me. My legs and feet stiffened my moan transitioned into a whimper and I couldn’t do a thing about it. Shocked and pleased by his performance he smiled, chuckled and said “Oh ok”.

I made the mistake of assuming he was finished, as I thought I couldn’t handle much more. Turning over to my side to hide my face and rest my weakened body, he kissed my yoni and bit my bum. “I can’t… no.” I recited as I gently lifted my leg to give him better access. He French kissed my yoni tenderly, within a few short seconds my leg and hand was rested atop his head. He twisted me back onto my back, I had the greatest view of his back and head. I was in heaven, flicking my bean with his tongue and penetrating my yoni with two fingers I was a happy girl. He took me to my peak a quickly pulled back and massaged my bean with his thick penis. This time my yoni pouring out like a hall water fountain, slow but steady.

As he smacked himself on my yoni driving me nuts, I couldn’t help but pull him in close and kiss him like we’d been separated 12 years.

Nestled near him I slept like the spoiled princess I was.

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