Over worked & UnderF*ckd

Life with Lamar as my love interest was fun, things were amazing. Maybe because we were both too busy to annoy the other. No matter the case I enjoyed being able to call him mine. He was able to break down some barriers in a short amount of time, some remain but to hear his name made me smile and cover my face.

Work and school were becoming a bit much, it was like I never had a moment to rest. My happiest times were spent with him. I had three days off after working six days straight and I was so excited to get my home in order and relax before getting back to my classwork. 

Dealing with customers today proved to be the hardest, with the frustrations of life and the desire to just go home I was less than pleasant. I wasn’t rude or harsh I just had no real desire to go above and beyond like every other day. My smiles were quick and small, similar to all my conversations. I wanted to be home in bed reading while Lamar watched his favorite game. Or watching him from a distance as he worked out, his body so perfect and gleaming with sweat. I ached to be near him and with much time and distance between him and I, I never would tell him. 

After being in turbulent relationships and learning to guard my heart. I could only share so much of my heart with him without feeling dumb. To imagine his smile, his full beard, perfect skin… to desire him as I did made work bareable. 

I hopped on the green line on my way home… headphones in and texting Lamar ever so often. I assumed he was busy at work or with his mom or perhaps clients, in any case our contact would be short lived. I made the ten minute walk to my building plowed through the gate and to the buildings door. I turned the key noticing through the window a trail of what I thought to be rubbish. Once I reached the hall I got a better look, it was rose petals. I smiled and left them where they were as I shuffled to my door wondering who was the lucky girl. I lived on the first floor, it turns out I was the lucky girl! 

Confused and hopeful I pushed my door open and stood back. Tears filled my eyes as I saw Lamar smiling with a candle lit glow around him. “Hello Sunshine”, I squealed and walked towards him, before I could take three whole steps he grabbed me. “How was your day?”

As we blanketed over our days he undressed me, gently and gracefully. As he laid me onto my bed like a young school girl all I could do was hold his face smiling and pecking him. My man was here with me after a long week of work and school. Without me knowing he flew out to see me and had a night planned of decadent romance. Once my body reached my bed he massaged my legs first, firmly gripping me as we talked. “When did you get here? I thought you had meetings?” Blabbering on he listened and smiled. He enjoyed my excitement, my innocence, my complete infatuation of him. 

Gently up my thigh, to my waist he caressed me. He kissed my navel and continued up my body, my words got quite. In turn my body screamed out to me, at first a gentle purring. Then he reached my face and told me he missed me, low like a whisper I looked into his eyes…”I missed you too King.” His face slowly lowering to mine he kissed my forehead before removing his shirt. 

At that moment my yoni leaked as if to salivate before a savory meal. My mind emptied as he lowered his body down to mine. I grabbed his face once more and kissed his lips, for a few moments we got lost in the kiss of each other. Upon opening my eyes I grabbed his shaft and inserted him inside of me. My body’s grip on him was ever present, my yoni began to run a slow deep pulse and I turned my head into my left shoulder and upper arm. Covering my face and biting my lip I relaxed to receive all of my man. With my right hand I sat my hand on his abs, in no way did I want to restrict him so I spread my legs as he held them back. 

“Fuuu…..ck” I moaned out. He looked down to me almost as if he was perplexed. “Damn…sunshine.” I’m sure he was aware but every time I had done well in his eyes it filled me with joy. I smiled and looked down to my yoni to watch as he stretched her to her limits. His penis covered in a clear film, he slowly dug into me. Each time pushing my body further back into the bed, and turning me on more and more. Once I was comfortable I slid back under him, putting his penis right back inside of me I tenses up slightly and relaxed. Once we were both comfortable I put my legs back and spread my yoni open to him. In return he gave me a few hard thrust, his aggression pleasing.

“Harder”, I challenged him.

He gave me a devilish grin, grabbed my knees and pounded into me so fiercely I couldn’t verbally respond. My yoni now puddling in an effort to thank and encourage him. Periodically I looked to watch us connecting with one another. To watch my body cream on his vein riddled penis. He pounded in me so good that my eyes filled with tears, before he could reach his climax I pulled back. My yoni was throbbing and swollen as I touched her he smiled, “come here”. I turned over, resting my head deep into the mattress and pushing my yoni up as far as it would go I looked to him and smiled. 

All 6’2 of his lean and perfect body came to me, slapping his member on my yoni I could feel his hard thick penis. I wanted him inside me and bad, just when I thought he was ready he’d pull out. Into me he pushed the tip of himself, slowly and out, in and out. I begged him to just let me have it and soon enough he did. Just when I was ready to push my weight onto him and take control he pushed my body down and shoved all of him in me. I grabbed the pillows and sheets my toes curled my back arched and my legs quivered. Pinning me down he tore into me so deep and hard, the only sound you could hear was a stirring and smacking sound. He pulled my hair and head up and kissed me in my mouth… I loved every single moment and he confirmed all my reasons for staying true to him even hundreds of miles away. After we kissed he pulled my body close to his and drilled me harder, taking my bum into his hands I moaned at the top of my lungs. “Yes baby, yes!” 

He pulled out and rained down on me, although my knees were weakened by the sex he supplied. I moved my legs slowly to make my cheeks clap as his sperm slid down to my yoni. Collecting the mixture with my fingers I looked into his eyes and licked my fingers clean. 

I gently stroked my yoni, unlike myself she was thick, tiny and just shallow enough to please. She needed this, I needed this. To be fucked by someone I cared for after a long week was necessary and he delivered. 

I loved watching him watch me enjoy myself, so I played with my yoni until he decided to join me for a round two…

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