Pink Panties Part 2

As I lay their my eyes covered my wrist bound I anticipated what was about to happen. Then I hear a “zzzzzz” noise, “zz zzz z” and “zz zz zz zz”. My brow lowered behind the eye mask. The sound was familiar, it’s was Noir. My jet black bullet, small in size but with great power and potential to make the user forgo sex with anyone. Sam, Sam what are you doing? Sam laughed but didn’t respond with words, she simply placed Noir on my bean and her warm, soft tongue danced with the vibration on my yoni. 

Shocked and pleased I rested in the darkness, my mouth opened wide I let out a hard forced, “Shit”. As my cherry began to rise Sam tossed Noir to the side and planted her mouth over my cherry-bean. Swift but methodical, she used sensual movements to help me reach my peak. I yelled, “I’m cominnnnggggg.” From a yell to a roar, my body tensed I held the G on my tongue as my body drained out like a flood. Sam focused on satisfying me, massaged the climax out. My body twitched so hard and so sharply, every part of me had a magnified sensitivity. I wanted her to stop massaging my cherry-bean, I wanted to retreat into the sheets, but the state of my body wouldn’t allow me to move or speak. It felt like three minutes had passed before I released the soft G sound from my lips. Sam released her hand from my yoni and began kissing and licking me below. I screamed, “No! Stop Sam, I can’t take that!!”

She pulled away from my yoni, eye to my warmth she blew. A tear fell from my eyes as I lay there partially paralyzed for about two more minutes. Sam would lick, kiss and suck my yoni periodically, it was heaven up until I realized I’d have to return the favor. 

“Sam”, I whimpered out, small, subtle words seemed to be the only thing I could get out. Similar to words of someone ashamed. Sam lifted herself over me, holding herself up with her right arm and unveiling my eyes with the other. I took a few seconds to alter my eyesight to focus on her, her eyes warm and brown, similar to her hair accented by blonde high lights. Her skin kinda beige, it was clear she was biracial. Again her body defined and breast full like a larger mango. After looking her over I said to her, “that was amazing at the least but I am sorry I can’t return the favor…”. 

Sam chuckled, did I ask? With a face full of sincerity and a smile so bright and white, she looked at me. “I’m ok, the taste of you and hearing you moan is pleasuring me enough.” Embarrassed I covered my face and sank into the bed, Sam tugged at the sheet. “I’m about to head out, I’m sure you need some rest.” After getting dressed I walked her to the door, weak and confused we talked a bit and then she was gone. I was on a cloud until I realized I still didn’t know what happened last night, that scared me to my core. To be so vulnerable I’ve known Sam a while and in that was security but what if it was someone else? I thought this over for about three minutes and then I was in a deep sleep a sleep that just happened to unveil what I believe to be the previous nights endeavors…

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      1. It’s appreciated, However No pressure. I want all interactions to be genuine and transparent with meaning. If you’re not feeling it on some post it’s cool.

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