Pink Panties 

I woke up naturally, my body drained, my mouth dry and my head spinning. It was apparent I had a hangover and that was fine with me. I was prepared for heavy drinking since it was Keisha’s birthday. What I wasn’t prepared for was to find an overnight guest in my apartment. As I rose from my slumber in authentic confusion, my body was extremely relaxed. It was the kind of relaxed you get from a night of consistent, powerful, body tensing orgasms.

It had been two weeks and I was over Big and casually texting Joseph. Extremely casual conversation, as well as infrequent. It bothered me none but initially he kept my mind off Big. My home life and love life were as they were before I met either of them and I was happy with that monotony and peace. Work as challenging but enjoyable and I was good at it, everything was normal until last night. So all I could think was who…

Who was I to thank for this feeling of airiness minus the slight hangover? I looked to the floor for some kind of evidence as to who it was but that only perplexed me more. I found a pair of slacks fairly slim cut, euro style. No shoes, no top, as I removed myself from the bed my head got light. For a short moment I sat on the bed covering myself with my sheet. I tip toed my way through the hall, I saw my slip dress and shoes. Midway through the hall I saw pink lace boy shorts. I’m not one that’s fond of underwear and when I choose to indulge they’re black.

As I held these pink panties in my hands I tried to recall my night. Nothing I could conjure up made sense, Keisha has spent the night before but never leaving a trail of her clothes. She hates pants and wouldn’t dare wear slacks. I went from a gentle tip toe to a full on strut to my kitchen. I look to my right, no one and to my left I hear, “Good Morning Sunshine.” It took a millisecond to recognize the voice. “Sam!” I turned to see her smiling… “you can’t be serious, did we…?” She smiled, “Four times.”

I. Was. Mortified.

And for the wrong reason, all I could think about was we worked together. Not that she was a woman, not who may have seen but simply, “what will happen when we return to work?” Professionalism is important to me and this was far from desired in my life or work place.

Sam slid a mug of coffee down to me, I caught it and attempted to sip. I was too focused on the potential mayhem that would follow our decision, I couldn’t even sip my drink. I peered over the mug looking at her, what was she thinking? What was going to happen next? What did I want to happen? How do I get her out of here? Is there evidence of this night somewhere somehow? “You know you don’t have to be afraid Bryn, we are both responsible for last night and we both have much to lose if this comes out the wrong way or time.” I finally sipped my coffee as I looked her over, standing there in a medium length ribbed heather grey tank, braless. The tank covered her bum partially, leaving just a sliver of cheeks exposed. Her breasts were about a solid B cup, perky, full and round. Her nipples protruding slightly made me assume they were small, like a chocolate chip.
“Bryn”, she called me. “How do you know how to make my coffee? Did you call me assistant!”, “Absolutely not, I’ve been watching you a while I know what you like relax.” Sam walked over to me a gently slid the back of her index finger down my shoulder. I looked up slowly to meet her eyes, “Sam what hap…” She kissed me and lifted me from the stool. As shocking as that was for me, it was more shocking that I didn’t fight her off. Who was I becoming what was going on in my silly little head.

Sam pulled the sheet from my grip with one hand as she held my body to hers with the other, kissing like teenagers she carried me into the bedroom. She tossed me on the bed and took her tank off to reveal a super toned and tanned body. One that made me jealous, her dedication to the gym was obvious.

Before I could second guess my decision Sam was tying up my hands with her dress socks.I quickly snapped into reality, I was chronically independent and S&M wasn’t my thing. “Uh, Sam we aren’t doing this…”, “You loved it last night you’ll love it again.” What the absolute craziness was I into, up to and on last night? She climbed on top of me a covered my eyes with a satin eye mask, I was uneasy but interested.

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