I’d been leading a live art class for two weeks and we were now in our third week and completion of the course. I figured now was the best time if any to make a pass to one of my students.
She was amazingly beautiful, exotic, poised and fluid in her work. She made me a bit nervous which is hard for many women to do, this intrigued me most about her. Her hair was a deep Aqua blue, a typical form of expression for most art types. However the way she wore it wasn’t cliché or juvenile in the least. A short cut that made for the perfect frame for a face so visually pleasing. Her skin olive, her nose like small and slightly narrow, accentuated by a tiny stud nose ring. She had thick brows similar to Fridas however, they didn’t connect and full lips. Lips that curved downward at the corners, the fullness of her lips rested pleasantly in the center of both her top and bottom lip. All these features gave her a profile I admired from across the classroom. I was careful of course, this class was a mature crowd and I knew Bina would require the most respect. I planned to give her that and much more.

Bina was late on today, that’s when I realized how genuine my interest was. I anticipated her arrival and her tardiness caused me a bit of anxiety. I listened to everyone’s presentation and Bina went last after arriving a few minutes late. I marveled at Bina’s concise, clear and intuitive approach to not only creating art but the way she spoke about it. Bina and I locked eyes as she explained her purpose and thought process in her painting of Lola.

I was late to class since I forgot to set my alarm. Disheveled and embarrassed I went to the back of the class and claimed the last spot for presenting. Which would work in my favor as I had a plan for after class.

Lola was our nude model, who’s appearance suggested a gander but her beauty to me didn’t warrant great observation. However how Bina spoke of Lola and her process in painting it struck great curiosity and made me reconsider the beauty in Lola that I may have over looked.

Bina said:

Lola with a skin color untainted and revealing a luminescence so captivating, she lured me into her. Her hair long of the same color of fire draped across her gently. Bringing my focus to both her long but slender neck and her high, rounded bosom. I couldn’t mix colors that would truly provide her image justice. However I took great joy in creating the painting of her you all see today. Sketching out her full and shapely body it created a rhythm within my pencil strokes. Lola in her image made me more proud to be a woman…. 

Bina continued as I sat and listened in amazement, she had spoken very little up to this point. Simply taking her seat and placing her headphones on it was a pleasant surprise to hear  her.

Class had ended and I released everyone, the students moved swiftly and said their goodbyes. All crowded together like a herd of buffalo, I examined the crowd for Bina.

As class was dismissed I prepared my things, all of them. This time unlike most I had brought some things for show and tell…

When I didn’t see her I assumed she had already departed. My closet was near the only two windows to outside, I quickly gathered my things from the closet. As I turned I saw her still packing up her supplies. I rested my things on the window seal and thought of an approach, as I stood there looking in Bina’s immediate direction she looked to me and smiled.

Mr. Clay seemed to be in a rush to leave which was understandable seeing as though the weather was especially nice today. However I knew this was my only chance so I spoke up…

“So Mr. Clay…”.

“Yes Bina?”

Bina walked to the door, closed and locked it.

“I’ve been wanting to speak with you for a while, you know get to know you.”

She pulled down the tan shade pull and looked into my face.

“Oh really, that’s interesting seeing as though I’ve desired the same.”

He desires the same huh? The idea of him wanting to know me as much as I wanted to know him made me blush. I knew I could do as I pleased at this point.

Smiling she then pushed her hair behind her ears and walked toward me. Her eyes locked into mine she appeared a bit robotic in her movements. Almost as if her desire was leading her body towards me. Her body looked amazing in the short dress she was wearing, her skin perfectly tanned and her legs and thighs were thick and sturdy just like her. Bina wasn’t heavy in the notion of disproportion, she was pear-shaped at best and I loved it. Her dress swaying left and right from her hips down, she came as close as one inch to my face before reaching behind me to close the vinyl window coverings.

I had reached up to his face, I closed the blinds before getting the courage…

Once they were closed she kissed me tenderly, I was put off by Bina’s aggression and now obvious desire for me. I had assumed this long that she had little interest in anyone. I slowly pushed her back and gathered her image, she was beautiful but we were still in the classroom and I had to consider the consequences. This was a voluntary course, 90% of my students weren’t enrolled in the college. This including Bina, I had no true responsibility to refrain from any level of romance with her. However it felt wrong, she looked at me confused and said, “I have no desire to hurt you, your reputation or lively hood. The desire for you grows inside me daily and I can no longer hold back.”

Clay looked perplexed after I kissed him, a response I wasn’t really expecting. I tried to reassure him with my words, maybe he just needed confirmation of what I wanted…

“But Bina, here, now? Wouldn’t you like to go out a few times first? Explore the others mind?”

Bina smiled, “I would greatly but I have no grand issue with doing things outside of their common order.”

He was sweet but that wasn’t what I needed now, I had been waiting weeks for him to make the move and here and now I had the courage and I didn’t want to wait…

I was lost for words, she was fine as hell, she was here, and we had time, she was obviously ready. I looked her over once more and said,” I don’t know about this Bina.”

I guess my words weren’t enough but I knew what would be… if he stopped thinking with his brain and started using his head we’d be better off…

With little hesitation she repositioned herself on her knees unzipped my trousers and began giving me a hand job. Shocked I looked at her for a split second and reminded myself, “I’m no Poon, I can handle her. I can please her and I will.” I looked at Bina lifted her head and asked, “Are you sure.” She nodded in agreement.

It was fun seeing him resist me it was also intriguing, I squatted to my knees and went for what I wanted. As I unzipped his pants I realized his hesitation hindered his erection. I proceeded to give him a hand job, his penis was no great specimen like I had hoped in my dreams before. It was at most average and that was ok some how I wasn’t disappointed just hopeful he could maneuver himself inside me enough to produce wetness. I wasn’t physically intimate often but I knew I wanted to please him and gave no real consideration to my own climax. He got quite as his penis lifted full of blood…he was ready

I lifted her onto the display table it was covered with a paint splattered tarp, with few cans and jars of paint to help hold it in place. I laid Bina’s head on this small pillow that had been reserved for Lola as she posed.

He stood on his knees, his body towering over me and removed his shirt, Clay was slim and fairly normal as far as muscle tone. His simple appearance was admired, his manhood pointing directly at me I was excited.

I went from her knees and up her body reveling her under garments, she was wearing a black lace stringed panty. Her underwear were over shadowed by her tan lines and it drove me crazy. Who knew something so simple could be so intoxicating. I kissed her waist as I lifted her dress. From there I found she was braless, her breast were small. Combined they created a single handful, I licked them both gently as I smiled. Her nipples like chocolate kisses, I wanted them to melt in my mouth.

Clay slowly undressed me and it drove me nuts, the anticipation. I wanted to grab him and instruct him to rip me to shreds. It had been forever and he was adding on to the pressure. Once he reached my nipples I gained a bit of patience, I could see the crown of his head and his lengthy tongue as he licked me. He held his tongue like a hook gathering my nipples at the tip. Before I could instruct him to do much more he got a little sloppy and a bit more aggressive. My body leaked out…

As I tasted her breast I watched her face as she moaned softly, she held my head in place and relaxed. I flipped my penis on her sticky, plump lips, Bina was ready.

It felt amazing Clays foreplay but I couldn’t help but remember all those times I day dreamed of him fucking me. I was ready like yesterday at this point and I figured it was best to let him know. I tapped his shoulder and instructed he fuck me and well.

Once she said, “fuck me, good.” I knew this was really happening. I lifted my body off hers and slapped myself on her stomach and yoni. “And if I don’t?”

He started to tease me, it was shocking at first. However I couldn’t let it go on too long I grabbed him by his penis and inserted him inside me. Clay wasn’t huge but his presence was felt quickly, first his head and then his shaft. He prepared my body well, so well that when I inserted him in me I removed my hand to see a sheen. His member slid inside me smoothly it was pretty pleasant. He pushed my legs to my side, rested his thumb on my bean and fondled me while he fucked me.

Bina had a kung fu grip, she held me like a firm handshake. I didn’t know her sexual history but to be inside her felt like home. It felt like she was made for me… waiting for me. Her body reacted to me well, she was warm, deep, secure and moist. I focused on many things to refrain from climax it was difficult but I wanted this to last.

Clay was digging deep into me before bending me over, he was slim but powerful. He flipped me so swiftly paint spilled on us both. That didn’t stop him, a cobalt blue slithered over us both. From my right shoulder down my back and across to my bum I felt the thick slow creep of the liquid. As it reached my bum Clay went harder making both me and the paint splatter.

In a rush to switch positions and get back inside her I spilled paint everywhere. As it splashed on my stomach it also fell down her shoulder. I had no desire to stop at least until I got mine. I grabbed her waist and pounded Bina hard before she could ask to stop to get cleaned up. The paint splatter was refreshing, it was cold to touch and allowed me to make a mess everywhere.

Since the paint was over my back I decided it was time to have a little fun. Clay pulled out to take a small break and I hoped on top of him. I grabbed a neon green paint instructed him to put his hands inside the can. As I slid on him I told him to paint me, I let him finger paint my body as I rode him. First slow and steady, once we changed colors to a fire-red I sped up the pace. There was so many colors everywhere and soon enough cum. I rode him and it felt amazing, I watched his toes curl in the paint before he could pull out. Once he did he sprayed my stomach with his children. With excitement he grabbed me up, kissing me all over we began rolling in the paint. Paint was everywhere it was beautiful, I didn’t cum but I was happy to please him that evening.

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