Kiss the Cook

Fast passed and as demanding as any other night back of house at -Cafe 220- I plated and prepped all 270 hot plates for tonight’s event. I wiped away sweat beads from my forehead as I heard the head chef yell out, “Juliana we don’t have all night!” , “Yes chef” I responded, I felt my body moving swiftly, my breathe moving at a slow pant similar to a midsized dog in the summer heat. I was exhausted, I had been working 12 hours prior at another restaurant across town. Leaving few moments to rest on my train ride into my now 8 hour shift. 

Wil yelled again,”Aye J, what are you doing we need the next 50!!” -Wil and I were close we had a budding relationship but he always made sure to ride me at work. In an effort to not cause speculation, it drove me nuts and tonight it was pissing me off. With an attitude I yelled, “50 up!” I looked at him and rolled my eyes. That 5 seconds was about the only break I had had all day and I was tired of his made up frustrations. Wil knew better than anyone how hard I worked and how little time I had for myself. So much so that Wil and I had never been physically intimate in our 6 months of dating. I was exhausted and today he decides to play the dozens with me. Absolutely not, I thought as I grudgingly plated the remaining plates. 

As we worked some of us shifted stations while others began cleaning in preparation for our closing. Wil kept on me about every little thing, my frustration turned to anger and anger to humiliation. I stepped away after Wil released me to use the restroom and I cried. Not long enough to release all my tension but just enough to finish out the night without hitting Wil over the head with a frying pan. I wouldn’t look at him when he spoke, I wouldn’t laugh when he joked and I sure as hell wasn’t going to let him drop me home that night. Wil noticed my discomfort and disappointment with him, he politely sent another chef over with ice cold water for me. He also reassured me that I can take my time now that we were finishing up. Neither of these gestures worked in his favor. I continued to do my assigned closing duties and upon completion asked him, with a snarky overtone if I could be released for the night. He denied my request and released everyone else, irritated I knew he just wanted to drop me at home like usual.

Frustrated I watched everyone leave and said my goodbyes, Wil standing behind me about 5 feet did the same. Once the last chef exited the door I felt Wil, because our scrubs were so thin I felt all of him. His hands one on my neck and the other at my waist, his chest on my back. Wil was a bit healthy, I classified him as thick. A build more like a football player, solid but not necessarily defined. His stomach a bit above my bum and his manhood hung between my cheeks.  My eyes widened and as I attempted to turn around Wil gently grabbed at my neck and guided my waist and bum back. “Nope, nope we are not doing this. You’re an asshole, take me home.” Wil laughed, pulled my pants down with one hand while still holding my neck with the other. He lifted his body back up his legs fully erect and kissed my neck, my eyes rolled back my body at ease. Wil gently rubbed his hand across my bum and to my yoni, dresssd with a landing strip he gently danced across my yoni with his fingers. She purred, Wil turned my face to his and kissed me. “I’m sorry Baby J, you were just moving too slow.” I moaned in his mouth at this point I didn’t care what had happened before I wanted him inside me and fast. 

Wil stroked around my yoni and assessed my body aloud. “She’s a bit chubbier than I imagined, I like that. You’re so soft… your tummy is cute.” He laughed low and short as he continued to hold my neck, softly kissing me and gliding his free hand across my body. Wil lifted his hand to the center of my back and unsnapped my bra, pulling the straps down and off my body. My breast supple, full and yet small in size slightly giggled like jell-o. It was fairly nippy in the kitchen causing my nipples to protrude out. My bra hit the floor as Wil grabbed my breast firmly he muttered, “you’re the perfect mouth full I see…” He bit my neck, turned me around and tossed my shirt over and off my head. Fully exposed with my pants at my ankles Wil took my breast fully into his mouth. His lips soft, his mouth warm and his tongue amazingly careful, tactical and wet. As he entertained one breast with his mouth the other he tenderly fondeled the other with his hand. As he did this he continued to tell me how much he enjoyed my body and the fullness that made my silhouette. I tuned him out and got lost in his foreplay. 

A few very short minutes later Wil lifted me to the fruit counter knocking over most all the plums and oranges. He stood back to undress and I finally saw it, Wil’s penis hung low and swayed in the air as a pound bag of sand would on ones arm. It was heavy, it was dangerous and I was afraid. Fully unclothed he walked to me noticing me notice the not so mini part of him, he placed his shirt over his shaft. His shirt hung on him like a bath towel with no effort on his part. As he got closer to me I closed my legs, he was absolutely too large and I wanted to run. Fear stricken I glared at his penis and to his face, he looked determined. 

Wil could tell I was afraid but that didn’t stop him, he came to me I grabbed the metal countertop and closed my legs tighter. He kissed me in my mouth so sweetly my legs opened, he whispered in my ear,”I got you don’t worry, now spit.” Wil stepped back just enough so I could spit on his penis,”Now put it in.” He demanded, earlier his demands pushed me to my limits but this made my body shiver. I took him into me, first the head and then his shaft. My body literally stiffened from the thickness of him stretching me. “Wi. …Wil” I moaned out, my body fell into his and he pushed me back. “Be daddies big girl Baby J… I got you.” Slow at first Wil held his torso caved towards me as he watched me I watched his massive penis make me cream. I slid my index and middle finger over his penis for extra stability as he slowly entered me. “Is daddies baby girl ready?” He asked, “um hum” was all I could gather. Wil began to plow into me so hard and so quick that I could only tense up and allow it. My body shaking, my breast left to right, my tummy up and down. I wrapped my legs around him and held on to him for dear life. Drilling me and fucking me like animals in the safari I grabbed whatever was near, I had both a orange and a plum in both hands. Squeezing as one would bed sheets the plum burst first, then the orange and then me. Wil’s penis was so frothy with a white film similar to whipped cream, “that’s daddy’s girl… now let me see.” My body so weak and still pulsating I couldn’t open up for him. “are you being shy with daddy?”, “No, Wil I can’t…” Wil then spread my legs wide and licked me clean, like a baby front to back he wiped me with his tongue. My bean pulsating from the climax before I couldn’t handle him, attempting to close my legs Wil grabbed under and over my thighs. 

He forced my legs open and ate me until my body began to build, he then flipped me over the counter and rammed himself inside my yoni. Pulling both my arms behind my back Wil held them as if he was riding a horse. I tried to push him back with my hands he rammed into me so hard. Every time my hands touched his body he would spank me and say, “Bad Girl, Baby J!!!” Moaning perfusely, I obeyed him and once I did he slowed his tempo. “You’re creaming for me, I love when you cream for me. Are you ready for me to taste it…?” 

He pulled himself out of me and smacked himself on my yoni. No matter the amount of pain he inflicted my body begged for more, with great aggression Wil planted his face in my Yoni and sucked, fucked and slithered his tongue all over me. He fingered both my bum and yoni as he concord me.

I couldn’t take it I wanted to please him, I wanted to weaken him as he had me. I pushed back on Wil, he grabbed my waist and ate from me more aggressively. I pushed again and he released me, swiftly I turned around kneeled to him, looked up into his eyes and grabbed his shaft. I salivated, keeping my eyes to his I gently filled my mouth with as much of him as I could muster. My eyes watered, my airway blocked, I kept looking. My eyes rolled back into my head, my veins protruding in both my neck and temple. “Fuck, Baby J… fuck… shit… damn J” My mascara now trashed I pulled back gasping and fondling his jewels. As I placed my head to his scrotum I firmly stroked his saliva drenched penis. Licking and caressing his scrotum with my mouth I moaned out, Wil began to tighten up but I wasn’t ready for his release just yet. He’d tempted, teased and pleased me so greatly I couldn’t let this be it. I loosened my grip, moved my head from his scrotum and worked his tip with my mouth. I hummed on his member, I deep throated him and gave his scrotum much needed attention. His body caved in his toes scrunched tightly, It felt amazing to have him this way. He grabbed my head and I let him fuck my face. I cried tears running down my eyes I watched him. The amount of pleasure on his face and body made me smile inside. My face covered with saliva he finished, I felt his warmth at the back of my throat it splashed. I sucked him gently and ran my teeth on his tip. He roared out, BABY J!! I smiled like a child receiving praise from their parents. “What?” I giggled, “It was worth the wait J.” He kissed my lips and took me home, I was sleep in the passenger side before we left the restaurants parking lot. 

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