Pillow Talk: The Art of The Nude

A nude is an image taken to do a few things but mostly to intrigue the recipient, to let your partner know I miss you intimately, I desire you physically and I am anticipating your return. However many woman and men have difficulty curating an image they are comfortable with or that demands the response they anticipate.

Imagine this: You had a hard week at work or school and you decide to reward yourself by taking yourself out to your favorite restaurant for your absolute favorite meal. A Thick, juicy, succulent Porterhouse steak, perfectly cooked with garlic and butter mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables seasoned to perfection. However instead of placing it on the finest bone white china like they usually do, they slap it on top of a filthy garbage can lid. There are flies and other insects swarming what would be your delicious meal. It takes away a bit of the appeal, your mouth doesn’t salivate as much now as it did before. This is still your favorite meal and you would definitely devour it if it was presented to you properly. Well that is the exact train of thought you should have when it comes to taking a nude or forty.

Heres an outline of good nude practices.


We like to think Nudes are or can be spontaneous yet glorious, sometimes this is true but most times not so much. The idea of “Let me step in the work restroom and give him a digital gift.”, is a romanticized view of nudes. How many times have you been in the mood and looked below and your garden was less than manicured? Yes as Amber Rose has shown us (literally) some men/women are into a bit of bush. However lets also note that Amber’s yoni was pleasant to the eye, trimmed and clean. Her presentation was impeccable, that’s the quality nude I want to help you produce.

Sex Kittens if you’re one for a made-up face pull out those brushes and get to work, if you’re one for a natural appearance swipe the gloss a few times, brush your brows and go for it.

And you tiger, its pretty simple please wash your face. Your mate doesn’t want to see your breakfast in the places they choose to sit.

*Remember this is a gift to your partner, if your mate doesn’t like a bunch of makeup tone it down this one time. “I liked it but why did you have all that on your face…?” No one wants to hear that.

To prepare the main attraction, your beautifully glorious body it’s fairly simple too. You know exactly what your mate likes when it comes to hair/no hair/moderate hair etc. Most people are pretty verbal about it, if not you should be comfortable enough to ask. Right?

Make that bi-weekly wax appointment or line up your intimate parts yourself, whatever you choose please make sure its done properly and tools are clean. Even if you’re natural and your mate enjoys hair, a line up and trim can go a long way.

Exfoliate your body and rub yourself down with your traditional moisturizer, nothing too special here. You just want your skin to look as desirable as possible and a bit of ash isn’t what your baby is looking for.

Some men like to work out a bit to make their body appear more lean/cut at a particular moment. If that’s you, go for it! It doesn’t hurt to do a crunch or two to show off for your boo.

Now that your body and naughty parts have been taken care of its time to outfit yourself. Depending on what you’re into you can opt for full on bare body, a trace of lace or modest mayhem. Again you know what your partner is into, don’t be afraid to include costumes. If youre into role-playing you can set the tone throughout the day with both Images and text. Maybe you have ears and a tail from last Halloween and tonight’s the night you want to unleash your inner sex kitten. Clothing also acts as a prop if you can’t decide what you want to do with your hands. Make sure your garments are stain free, hole free (unless it was made that way, i.e crotchless panties.) and have the proper fit youre looking to achieve. Anything can distract your partner from the gift that is given to them.

Equip for the Equipment:

Ok we are getting closer to the fun now, you have your camera of choice and you’re ready to go at it. I know but just wait there are tools you can use that will help amplify the quality of these epic nudies youre about to take. Things you can use to help get the right lighting and angles include:

LUMEE case (selfie phone case that lights up.)



Ring light

Camera timer

You definitely do not need all or any of these items but they make for better images if you do choose to use them.

Set the Studio:

While you charge your LUMEE, before you prop up your Tripod or whip out your selfie stick please tidy up your “set”. Tigers you have this common problem, most Sex Kittens receive Shaft Selfies from men who are usually in a room or bathroom with a pile of clothes on the floor, a bottle of lotion and an old dinner plate on the night stand. Now instead of marveling at the intended masterpiece, the recipient is most likely zoomed in to the massive amount of mold on the dinner plate. Not appealing and this warrants a less than flattering response.

Ready Set Pose: 

Ok you’re all ready and there’s no more time to waste, your space is tidy, your equipment is set and ready, your body is tantalizing and your face is pleasantly presentable.

Lets take this to the bathroom, the most simple and seductive set up is usually bubble bath images. Soak yourself in the suds and aim your camera to the assets of your choosing.

If you’re using a LUMEE case hit the lights in the bathroom, candles are a nice addition but not necessary. By turning off the lights and relying on the LUMEE light you create a spot light on what youre capturing. (Please don’t try this with a simple camera flash unless youre only taking body shots. It seems most people are wide-eyed when they look back at photos taken that way. Can we say creepy?) With the LUMEE you can use your front facing camera and get exactly what youre looking to capture.

Selfie sticks are great because they help with the wider shots, the only con is your protruding arm in some poses. Imagine your body submerged in bubbles, water all over your skin creating a glisten worth a million words, your face and hair pleasantly manicured…the selfie stick captures every ounce, it’s basically perfect!

Tripod and Selfie rings help when you want action shots or videos. I have a tripod selfie stick which has a remote, You can’t miss when you have remote access. Put on music of your choosing and dance a sensual or provocative number, you can even “feel yourself” and let your partner watch you perform. That’s sure to get their body responding and eager to meet you for a play date.

Don’t forget if you’re not all made up, and if you don’t have a pretty pout like you’d like body shots will suffice. That’s where your angles come in to play, as well as for body imaging. Maybe youre not pleased with how your body looks at one angle, try shooting from above, under or the opposite side. Relax you have plenty of time to take a fine tooth comb through the images before you send them!

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