Pro or Con

Big and I carried on this way for about two weeks, I was pretty happy and excited for our relationship. However Big had other plans. Big and I had played the relationship roles for a while without the commitment and it felt ok. In the back of my mind I wondered when he’d introduce me to friends and profess our relationship. 
I had soon gotten my answer, woken by a constant vibrating on the night stand I nudged Big. “Honey your phone.” I turned over assuming it was his job, Big grabbed his phone and stepped in the other room. I anticipated his return, I had gotten to the point I couldn’t sleep without him at my side. After about five minutes I got up to hear him say, ” I gave you the time you said you needed, baby don’t do this.” 
-“Baby don’t do this… baby?” Who the fuck!?
“Dinner tonight, can we talk about it then?”
Big ended his call and returned to bed with me, he pulled me in close and tight. I was lost, livid and weak, Big couldn’t introduce me to his friends or family because Big had someone in that position. As I suspected Big was keeping me around for just what I was the first night, desert. I wanted to hit him as he laid on my body, I also wanted to fuck his brains out. 
The man that had been supplying me with grade A D was a shitty con artist, but hearing what I heard and having the intuition of 3 black mothers I laid under him, holding his head planning. 
I weighed my options:
•the dick is superb 

•the head is better

•he looks good on my arm

•I make him look better
-he has a woman 

-I don’t want to share him

-you’ll never have him completely 

-he thinks you’re dumb/a toy
-Or this could be a personal challenge, see who wins you or her? NO! 
I pulled the covers down and pushed Big off of me, he slept like a log. I began to suck Big so well his manhood stood at attention within the first few second. He awoke grinning, “Can we try something new?” I asked, “Yes baby” “fuck my face?” 
I laid across the bed with my head hanging over, I caressed my body. I teased Big, I kissed his waist, shaft, head and scrotum. I gave him sensual eye contact, I teased him until he pleaded with me. As soon as I got into position Big slowly went as deep as he could in my throat. He pulled out and back in, slowly he did this… “baby I want to devour you, please fuck my face.” He obliged, gagging me and creating the thickest saliva possible I let Big do as he pleased. Saliva was all over the both of us, like taffy it pulled and stretched between us. My eyes watered but my yoni as hurt as I did not respond, I moaned and felt myself… I preformed and right before Big could cum I pushed him away, stood up and told him, “Whoever you’re not trying to loose, let her finish the job.” I collected all my things and left. 
Big called me back to back for 30 min before I put him on do not disturb, texting me repeatedly I blocked him. 

Betrayed I threw myself into my work, I was right to be guarded to be careful but I wasn’t good at it. Big penetrated more than my body, he penetrated my heart. 

We didn’t speak or see each other for three days, on the fourth day he was at my home with flowers and gifts when I returned from work. I took the gifts said thanks and closed my door. As Big yelled his sorrow and pleaded his case I changed my clothes. He was outside for a good two minutes before I reappeared, in my doorway with sweats on Big walked towards me. Before he could say more I punched him and I didn’t stop until my arms where clinched between his. “I’m sorry babe, I’m sorry!!” He kissed me, I whipped my face as quickly as I could. Without looking at him I told him to leave. He put me down pleaded more. 
I left him outside locked my door and cried I hated Big 
My phone beeped, 

>Joseph: When can I take you out Miss Lady?
>Me: Tonight 

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