Vibrating Panties

In Montego Bay I relaxed like a Sun Goddess, I basked in the sun, I laughed with the locals and ate like a queen, each moment more beautiful than the last. I sun bathed topless on the deck for four days in a row. My phone remained on do not disturb for the entire duration of my trip, it was glorious. Some how, some way the night before leaving Big crept into my thoughts. I had just packed my things up and showered, I took a moment to appreciate my body in a full length mirror. Looking at my new bronzed skin and my tan lines perfectly aligning my yoni and bum. I thought -Now wait until Big sees me oiled up and ready. I giggled and went to sleep.

After arriving in the states I turned my phone on and I was bombarded by emails, text and voicemails. Not one from Big….

“I’ll give it time, let all my messages load up.”

I thought to myself as I went to baggage claim. An hour later and still nothing, I retired to my usual spa for a relaxing body scrub and massage. It was everything I needed and more after traveling but it didn’t calm my mind with Big.

After my spa treatment I went home and unpacked as I listened to music and tidied up I thought of my nights plans. I went to get my phone and there he was in my messages.

B: I hope you relaxed in MBJ, see you tonight at 8p -Big

It was then only 4p so I finished up at home and prepared for the night. I was excited to see Big but scared, mostly because just before we started messing around Big wasn’t one for constant contact. “can I trust this feeling?, Can I trust him?, Is this real? What does he even want?” All these questions hit me like a bag of soap. We needed this date more than ever, I needed it. A platform to ask questions and see and feel him when he responded. Keeping sex the furthest away from our conversation was best and that’s what we did.

Big was romantic so I found out, flowers, opening doors. It was sweet, so much so I decided to thank his parents in my prayers that night. We sat and ate I asked Big every question that came to my mind. He answered plainly and what I believed to be honestly. All things I could agree with and all things I wanted to hear, but I was still guarded. We had about 4 more dates that week and on the fifth I decided I was ready to show off my tan lines. I also felt closer to Big like I could let out my deepest bedroom desires.

He called that night an hour before we planned to meet and let me know tonight’s date would be relaxed. I didn’t mind because I planned to spice things up. I got dressed in one of my favorite colors, black. A sheer black short lace tunic, accompanied with a balconette black lace bra, pumps and the perfect pair of midwaist black denim pants. He came to my door and as we walked to the car I handed him a small box, “There’s something special for you inside if you can answer a few questions correctly.” I asked him things I knew he could answer correctly… nerd trivia and pop culture questions.

When we got to the restaurant I handed him the box and told him he could open it after we placed our food order. He smiled and said ok.

Inside he opened the box to see a small remote and a note that read:

I’ve driven you crazy just maybe, I driven you wild and smiled. Here’s a controller for the one least in control. Maybe you’ll drive me crazy, maybe you’ll drive me wild… push the button love muffin. 

I then put his hand near my yoni as he pushed the first button. He looked at me in my face wide eyed. As my panties vibrated and my body quivered. “Really!? All night I can have this?”, “All night, but I’m sure you won’t need it.” I replied. We ate as much as we could of our dinner, which wasn’t much. We skipped desert and went straight to his place. I could get no more ready than I was on the ride home and neither could he.

Before the door could close he lifted me off my feet and out of my shoes, ripped my pants off and threw me on the couch. While I was taking his clothes off I remembered that morning I saw him before my trip and the night that lead up to it. I was excited but not as excited as him, he entered me without protection. It hurt a bit more than usual, in and out of me he pulled. Slapping his head on my yoni, I could hear the small smacking sound he made. He was teasing me and I could bare it. I grabbed him and shoved him inside of me, my eyes rolled back he kissed me on my forehead and instructed me that this may hurt a bit. I smiled, “I’ll take it.”

Those words ignition to his flame, once again all manners left him at that moment and he became a beast. Aggressive yet graceful in his handling me, rough but considerate. That night Big fucked me and he fucked me hard, I enjoyed the seamless combination of pain and pleasure. As he rammed himself into me I could feel my yoni literally splash, wetness poured out of me like a fountain. Turned on by the short out pouring Big went harder! I grabbed his arms and let him drill into me, I watched all of his manhood stuffed inside of me to the base. In and out he rammed into me, my moans were high at some points and a whimper at others. I enjoyed the ride. Big flipped me over, before he could guide me I arched my back deeply, pushing my yoni as high as it could go. I spread my legs just enough and I looked to him and said, “More.” Big rested his hands on my bum, stretched with his manhood resting on my yoni. For a few moments both he and I throb on one another, this made me want him more. Once Big was ready he stepped back, I took both hands and gently spread my cheeks. I wanted him inside me with no interruptions.
My yoni throbbing he stepped to me, rubbed himself up and down my yoni, spit on his shaft and rammed it inside me. The feeling was glorious, I screamed out, “Yes!” Moments after we began in this position Big grabbed me tight, pulled me in close and jack hammered into me for a few moments until his scrotum tightened. I could feel him inside me ready to explode. I pushed him out of me and grabbed his shaft firmly to squeeze out every ounce. As I massaged his head I sucked and licked his scrotum and there it was, warm and sweet I let him release all over my lips and face. I sucked him dry after and smiled. His body glistening with sweat I could see he was tired. I went to shower, I anticipated a quick shower but that’s not how Big saw it. As I showered I felt a draft…. Big was entering the shower as I rinsed my body. He gently grabbed my waist and bent me over, separating my legs with his head. He gently kissed my lips, my inner thigh and the side of my bum. Big tasted my yoni for what felt like hours… gently he licked, sucked and kissed me. Tears filled my eyes as the water ran down my body I was in heaven.


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