A Flight To Remember 

A week had passed as we played cat and mouse. We hadn’t seen one another since that night and I needed to keep it that way so I could focus. My team and I had just finished a big project at work and I was well ready to relax.

We went out for drinks to celebrate, I planned to keep my night short for my early flight the next morning.

I received a text from an unsaved number

> What’s up lil lady, you busy?

It was Joseph the guy from Saks. Our text thread was refreshed and he politely sent me a picture of the most desirable attribute he could offer me. Just as thick and long as I had remembered with less appeal than it had the first time around.

I locked my phone and kept drinking. It had been a couple months since our night together and I had no interest to revisit.

Did Big have a hold on me with just one nightcap?

My focus was back on those that accompanied me at the bar, my project manager and a few interns. We laughed and threw around some ideas for our next big project the night was pretty textbook up until my project manager slid a hand on my thigh under the table.

Shocked and uneasy I pulled my leg away. I prepared to leave and said my goodbyes. Hoping it was only the liquor that gave my Project Manager a false sense of courage I didn’t think too much of it.

I headed out to catch my 6a flight the next morning. I was going to Montego Bay by way of Newark. It was about 4:45a and I was texting big and rushing out the door. He knew I had a flight that morning and I assumed his morning conversation was only to wish me safe travels.

In my Uber I texted him:

> Hey honey, I’ll have to text you when I land in Newark. I’m arriving at the airport and I don’t want to have delayed responses.

My phone rang

:Incoming Call from: Mr. Big:

I was put off that he called after I had texted him but not enough to warrant a real response. I answered and attached my headphones.

As I navigated through security, in route to my gate we talked on the phone. As you would imagine Big was a charismatic, charming guy who knew what he had to offer. He also knew how to make a woman blush.

I was all smiles as we spoke, then he asked;

B: Where are you headed again?

M: Newark right now.

B: So you’re in the C gates?

M: Oh I don’t know I haven’t looked…

B: You should be I fly that route all the time for work, aren’t you going to be late?

I looked at my ticket he was right C7 was my gate and I had 5 minutes to get there before boarding was complete.

I turned into my gate, Big still in my ear as I boarded. Fumbling with my bags I went directly to my assigned seat. 1A, there was a gentleman looking up at me.

“Excuse me sir that’s my seat. :)” he responded pointing to his right, “Well that gentleman said he knew you and you two wanted to sit together.”

Confused and concerned I looked to my left and there was Big. I have to admit I was excited to see him but I was thrown off track by his presence. I laughed thanked the gentleman and took my new seat.

“So this is what it takes to see you? Switching seats on my work trips.” I laughed, “It’s amazing how you’re so eager to see me now, when I couldn’t get you out the house a week or two ago.”

I tuned Big out and put my headphones on. I was under a blanket provided by the crew and was on my way to some well deserved rest. About 5 minutes into my slumber I felt a very gentle hand caress my thigh. I was wearing a short knit dress and sandals, Big lifted my dress and moved my panties to the side.

Shocked my eyes flew open and I grabbed his arm as quick as I could, “Please don’t Big not in public.” I begged him with a scared scenerity in my eyes. He looked me in the eyes and then around to a sleeping first class. “what are you scared of the flight attendant is helping with service she’ll be gone awhile and everyone’s sleeping.” I looked around, tempted but cautious I knew how loud I could be I was also aware of the mess we’d make.

“Let’s make a deal, if you can keep it down Ill let things go, if you let out the smallest moan I get to take you to dinner when you return.” Before I could agree Big was massaging my lips. I was excited, terrified and wanting more of him all at once. He whispered, “Your Pussy tells on you every time. You want me and when I’m finished you’ll be mine.” I looked him in the eyes, guided his finger inside me and kissed him to mask any out cry I would have. I buried my face into his shoulder, as I fought off the desire to moan. Big knew what to do being he was older than me, he knew ways to turn me out that men my age only dreamed of and Big was willing to do it all. My headphones fell off and I could hear my yoni, like the stirring of macaroni she purred. This wasn’t a new response with him, once again she betrayed me, she sung my desires to him again and he listened. My eyes rolled back and Big watched me, he smiled as my eyes would roll back and I’d grab him close. He laughed gently when I’d snap back to look around to see who was watching. Big enjoyed the idea of torturing me in such a satisfying way. He grabbed my face with his free hand, kissed me and instructed me to look at him. Our eyes locked into each other I let out soft whimpers. My eyes watered and I looked to his shaft, Bigs man hood was so stiff and full of desire. I wanted him inside any part of me, my mouth watered and my yoni followed. Back into his eyes my gaze went, then to his shaft and back into his eyes. Of course Big noticed me watching his manhood, he smiled. I touched him, stroking him gently focusing on the tip I then unzipped him. Making sure I went slowly down his member with his zipper. Pop! It sprang outside of his boxer-briefs, his mushroom top protruding I took my wetness from my yoni and stroked him with a firm but gentle hand. He reacted, his tip now glazed with the mixture of both our sweetness. I melted, I wanted him more. He pulled my face close to his and whispered, “put it back, this is about you not me.” “No”, I replied, if he was going to tease me I’d do the same to him. Big went harder and faster inside me, “Now.” He said firmly, I began to feel myself building up and my body stiffened. Our heads close to one another I just let him have his way with me. The flight attendant was on her way back to check on us I instantly snapped out of the trance he had me under. I asked him to stop, I grabbed his hand and still he wouldn’t stop, I begged him. Please, Big please. He smiled, ” I won’t stop until you tell me it’s mine.” I couldn’t let him win, I didn’t want him to know so soon. No matter what my yoni said I would resist. He stuck a second finger inside me a went into me so rapidly and strong, the flight attendant just two feet away. “Yes, ok!” With a look of pure satisfaction he took his two fingers licked them and said, “And don’t you ever give it to anyone else.” He kissed me hard and deep. I loved every second of it and he knew it!


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