The Morning After…

I laid there, my body weak, completely nude my skin peering through his sheets. I was partially awake, I opened my eyes a few times before feeling him at my side. “Good morning”, he mumbled as he gently pulled the sheets off of me. “Hey, Big have you seen my phone?” He examined my body, just standing over me as if I was helpless prey. “Um… hello?” He looked at my face and down to my yoni, he grabbed me with an aggression I didn’t know he was capable of. I was afraid and intrigued, my yoni dripped. He pushed my legs apart softly, they collapsed like bricks. It was so quiet, I was so moist you could hear my lips separate, almost to say “Hi” to him. I laid back our eyes locked on each other. With a smirk he lowered his hand, so warm, so gentle he took his finger to me almost as you would frosting on a cake. Lifted it to my mouth, I licked it clean… from my mouth he gently ran his hand over my body. The moment both his knees hit the floor all the pleasantries of a gentleman left him, his movements became animalistic. Pulling me to his face he conquered me, he used every possible way to devour me. His tongue thick, swift and strong. He seemed to take great pleasure in pleasing me, I cried out to him, “No.. no… no… no, No.” The more I ran the more I resisted the more he fucked me with his mouth. He knew what I needed without me saying a word, he read me and my body responding like a surgeon with his tongue. My eyes watered and I relaxed my body, I melted into his bed, as I began to build and my body began to buckle he moved his hand to my bean and penetrated me quick and hard. The greatest pain I felt, he fucked me so hard yet so sensual, so deep and so passionately I couldn’t face him. I was in a state of euphoria as I climaxed hard releasing a puddle. He pulled out of me and released himself on my stomach, as he laid his member there. Tired he rested, I stroked him. Squeezing his hot, sweet honey out onto my body. Using it as a lube, he moaned deeply like a lion… it drove me wild. To have him, to please him… to have him please me.

“Seems like I’ll be making a bit more time for a distraction or two.” he said as he walked to the bathroom to shower.

Girl it’s 1p. Where are you?

Keisha had called me three times, we had brunch planned today and I was officially 30 minutes late.

I’ll be to your house in an hour, I have some tea no sugar.

I got dressed, grabbed some bacon Big cooked for our breakfast and left a tip on the counter.

If he wanted to act like Marcus I knew how to be both Angela and Jacqueline.

Jackie won today.

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