Pillow Talk: Me, Myself & Yoni

The personal benefits of getting to know Yoni…

Hey Sex Kitten, I know many think since I write erotic short stories that I must masturbate all the time. Sorry to disappoint but I don’t, “feel myself” (known to all as masturbating) when writing, I simply write. Feeling myself is no longer a thing for me. However I think it should be everything to you, why? Feeling myself opened my sexual world in reference to my personal desires. Not only my understanding but it opened me up to receive my first big “O”. -Yes love, I gave myself my first “Big O”. 

At the time I had a boudoir buddy, it was a vibrating bullet that came in a lifesaver candy like pack. It was a “life saver” figuratively and literally. I hadn’t been sexually active long or often enough to experience much but once I felt the power and saw my body reacting I knew I was doing “it” wrong. 

Before we are sexually mature there’s things we all hate to admit, explore or consider. Feeling yourself is one of those things. I want to take a few very short moments to explore this option with you. I want you to read this and feel empowered to fondle your flower and be able to confidently tell your mate, “I really enjoy it when…..”. If you’re experiencing bad sex it’s your job to figure out why. If you can’t speak to what you enjoy how can you tell your partner how to get it right? 

Types of female sexual stimulation: Penetration & Clitoral stimulation

Simplest way to figure out your thing: When your having sex what gets you “going”? 

Feeling yourself is as simple as you think. Once you know what gets you going find a boudoir buddy that caters to that stimuli. (Hey Google) 

•I know you weren’t expecting a detailed how to, were you? :)•

Best Methods to get the “O” you deserve:

Clitoral stimuli: faucet love or bullet (boudoir buddy)

Run warm water in the bathtub, position your yoni right under the faucet. Simple and effective, the clean up is a breeze!! 🙂

Penetration: Suction dildos seem to be most effective for those ladies enjoying a good stretch. 😉

Dual stimuli: there’s this thing called a rabbit. (Boudoir buddy) *drops mic* 

You can count on many people for only so much, don’t leave your climax in someone else’s hands. You’ll possibly face years of sexual disappointment. 

There are health benefits to fondling your flower like, stress relief, supporting blood flow and better sex! Oh yeaaah 

Now that you’ve read all of this, take some time out… light a candle, drink some wine and have some me, myself and yoni time. 

You deserve it. 

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