Hot Tea No Sugar 

I arrived at Keisha’s house.

>I am downstairs and I’m coming up.

See Keisha and I had been friends for a short while but she came into my life when I needed her most. I didn’t depend on her financially or emotionally necessarily. Keisha helped me relax, to not over think and to do as I desired and not as others saw fit for me. Keisha afforded me the liberty of saying “fuck it”, in many situations. However not recklessly, if things got out of hand she was also there to be a voice of reason.

Dressed in her cute but casual brunch attire she glared at me, “Why are you late? You’re never late. This tea better be good.” I smiled, “Nothing major no real story to tell…. I just slept with him came a few times and left.” Keisha wasn’t one for grand emotions or gestures. “Bitxh, a few times! What and you just left!” I sipped my sweet tea with a spot of honey jack and grinned behind my glass. “I’m too hungry for the games, let’s go eat and spill every detail!”
We left on our way to brunch, joking and chatting I told her some of last nights highlights. Now as many know no wise woman really tells her friends every detail so I shared what was necessary for feedback. The conversation was quick and we promptly moved on to other subjects.

My phone rang, it was him. It had been 3 hours since I left his place while he showered.

> So you’re just going to leave like that?

I left him on read, I’m not one for games but I wanted him to feel how he made me feel those few weeks prior. If he wanted to see me again I’d make him work for it and if he didn’t at least I got the pleasure of being his meal of choice that morning.
A few hours had passed

:Incoming Call from: Mr.Big:

I answered: “Hey Love what’s up?”

B: So you’re just going to leave like that?

M: Like what? You wanted me to stay and tell stories?

B: No but we could’ve at least ate breakfast…

M: I’ve fed you enough to last until lunch, but I’m busy and I can’t really talk now. Call you later?

B: *Laughs* Ok that’s fine

I wanted to stay on the phone, twirl my hair and listen to all the ways he planned to be good for me. Let’s be real, that wasn’t going to happen. He was a playboy and I had to stay guarded.
Keisha and I left. I prepared for my 4 day trip to Montego Bay where I could regroup, relax and possibly forget how good the sex was.

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