You know how every Monday some girl somewhere among your social media followers, post some man who she doesn’t know or perhaps is involved with. A simple social thing created to shout out the muse of her choice. Well there was this guy I saw at a day party, he fit the bill. If I was hiring the job was his to be had, no resume needed, no interview required. He was accompanied by his core group of male friends, all of them appearing to be of solid quality. However this one stood out, a milk chocolate man and he was thick, bearded and sporting his somewhat urban attire. I was surprised I noticed him in the crowd of people, some faces familiar some of a distant memory at this point. On top of the atmosphere and my friends signaling me to the dance floor I was actively in my phone texting my boyfriend.

I looked up for a split second and he was but 5 feet from me, talking to some ladies who had their own sitting section. I pondered, say something now or see if he comes to you. I had a shot or two of whisky in me so I had a confidence I don’t usually carry. He stepped away from the ladies and looked in my direction, I motioned him to come to me. As he stepped closer my brain stopped momentarily. He was in front of me and all I could think was,”Shit, now what are you going to say genius.” Before I knew it I chimed back in to hear myself say, “Hey I know you, from Instagram.” Typical basic opener, but this isn’t my usual thing I haven’t prefected the mac as some of my peers and friends. “Ahhh, yeah you’re right…”. He responded, my mind was at ease now because I noticed he wasn’t as sober as I had assumed. He could potentially forget this later today and I’d be saved. Our conversation was short I sent him off in an effort to free myself of any further embarrassment. The party went on and I pointed him out to a friend. “Bih if you don’t get him you’re crazy!” she replied. I smiled in agreement but we both knew I wasn’t the “Get him” type. About an hour later I DM’d him,”We are heading out be safe, it was nice to see you.” His response was short,”You too.”. I went on with my day assuming I wouldn’t hear from him.

The next day my then boyfriend and I broke up, in a matter of “It isn’t you its me.” I mean I once liked him, I once thought things could work. However at this point sitting on his couch I realised if I stay any longer it’s only to make him happy and I am too young to settle.

Free from the burden of loyalty and committment that had become my life with my ex, I explored his page… lets call him Mr. Big. 😉 Mr. Big is the guy you can take home to your parents, your father would’ve loved to hunt and barbecue with him on any given weekend, and your mother just may have given him a peek in her younger days. He was just that together, the kind of guy that pushes you closer to your goals while simultaneously digging you out consistently every night without fail. Ok maybe not every night but 3 times a week. The kind of man who knew the significance of a good collar stay and the fit and cut of his suits. 47 weeks into my scroll I get a message, its Mr. Big and he wants my number. Maybe I wasn’t as corny as I had assumed or maybe my whisky and his drink of choice were speaking through us and connected. I shot him my number and we consistantly sent short messages to each other for about 4 days. Nothing major, my heart didn’t skip a beat and my panties didn’t moisten at the thought of him but I did look forward to any outreach from him. After 4 days things went to a halt, I reached out to set a standard for dealing with me and in his honesty he professed he wasn’t in a position to deliver. I played the fence invited him out and for drinks but he never came through disappointed and uneasy I faded.

I faded until this very moment because guess who was right in front of me….Mr. Big. In all his melanated glory, he stood smiling. Smiling with a smile that’ll make your toothbrush jealous, thick arms, thick legs, thick beard. Just his existence beckoned my body to him. I couldn’t speak to him, no matter how amazing he looked no matter how many times my friends poked at me to, “Just say hey.” He shaded me, he never made the time or a grand effort to get up with me. I wasn’t going to now fawn over him in public too.

I turned to the bartender and ordered a drink, as I handed him my card for a tab I hear a voice low like a growl, but pleasant, “Why are you always in all the parties.” I turned to see who this unfamiliar voice was. “I’m in all the parties? Seems like you like to be where the fun at yourself.” He smiled, “why haven’t I heard from you?” Me? Is he serious, he is the one acting like nothing matters yet here he is. I rolled my eyes playfully,”Oh I see you like to play.” He reached over me to grab his drink, I smelled his cologne it hit me in my core. I was finished and I knew it. “Im not one to play, in anything I do I come for mine.” “As if” I replied while picking up my drink and brushing pass him.

As the party continued I knew this would possibly be the last chance I would have to magically bump into him. I debated indulge or move on.

The party was ending and my friend came up to me. “Ya boy at the bar, you ain’t gone say nothing? You were talking about him a week or two ago, he’s here now.” I looked over her shoulder to see him finalizing his tab. “He hasn’t been thinking about me this long. Why say something to him now.” Keisha rolled her eyes and said, “Girl, it’s the summer. You fine he fine. You just left your boyfriend have some damn fun for once.”

It wasn’t my thing to initiate things with the opposite sex but a lot of things about this situation wasn’t my typical. What stood true was I wanted him, and now I wanted him more than ever. I brushed by him and closed my tab, he grabbed my waist and whispered, “Don’t be mad too long.” -This man got the audacity to tell me not to be mad, looking and smelling this good. “Don’t worry I won’t, you don’t faze me.” I walked out with my girls and towards the car. I hear my name being called and Keisha elbows me, “Girl give me your key because you’re going home with him. I know you want to.” I turn to see him coming our way. “Hey, your name is Big right? I’m Keisha, are you coming to take my friend home she needs a ride.” -This sneaky heaux is holding my car keys telling him I need a ride home. I have no desire to ride with this Milk chocolate king, thick and hugable with this beard made for sitting on. –Am I really thinking this right now? “If she wants I’ll keep her safe.” “She does, I’ll call you later girl. Have some fun for once!”

We reach the car and he opens my door, I sit in the car hoping I don’t embarrass myself. “So are you trying to go home or home home.” I looked at him, he peered at me a face that lacked great emotion. -Is he serious? He can’t be… Am I serious right now? Well bih are we going home or home home? “Home.” I replied.

He turned up his music and we went in the direction of his house, I was feeling a number of emotions. As I turned my location on while texting Keisha he grabbed my thigh. “I know I don’t hit you up often but I am busy and I can’t say that I am really etching out time for too many distractions.” I turned to look him in the face as I released my seatbelt I replied; “I am the best distraction you could have.” I kissed his lips and felt his manhood in my palm, while we kissed I could feel his smile on my lips. Without looking at him another time I unfastened his pants and out popped the most perfectly curved penis I had seen in a while. It was thick just like him just as I had expected and just enough length to satisfy me. My mouth watered as I kissed it gently, I giggled. “Oh so you want to play?” He said. I then showed him how far away from playing I wanted to be, as I let my mouth and throat fill with all of him my eyes began to tear. I looked up to see him looking down at me, I winked and licked his scrotum while still holding his member in my mouth. Coming up for air I felt the car shift. “Let me pull over, just wait.” “No, how far are we from your house?” Absolutely no part of me wanted to have him this way, in this truck restricted like this. I wanted to have full reign over him and he me. “5 minutes”, “We can wait” I  buttoned him up and sat back on my side. I could feel him watching me, he smiled and stared. “Lets go before I get sleepy.” He turned his music back up and we drove the last 5 min to his place. I was more ready than ever, trying to hold my composure I walked in, stepped out of my shoes and before I could attack him his dog was at my knees. He took the pup away, as he disappeared into the other room I slid my panties off and put them in my purse. “Would you like something to drink?” he yelled from the other room. “I’m ok.”, he then appeared from the room. Motioned me to come in.

It was on as soon as our eyes met, we came to each other. Kissing and pulling off clothes I  sat on the bed and pulled his shirt at the hem. Looked up to him and instructed him to take off everything. What was left on him hit the floor as he grabbed protection I laid back and began to feel myself. I was wet, I was ready and I wanted no one else more than I wanted him at that moment. Music began to play, he had a pretty good selection and it was appreciated no matter how cliché it may seem. He climbed on top of me and I released my breath as he entered me. Slow at first he dropped his head on my shoulder and let out a sigh. -Am I really here right now? Is he really inside of me? Fuck this feels amazing. He lifted himself up and increased his speed. His body so large over mine I couldn’t help but grab his arms, feel his chest and watch him going in and out of me. In and out, in and out, my body creamed around him inside of me he made a home. A few moments passed and I was ready to do my part. “I want to ride you babe…”, I moaned in his ear. “Now?”, “Right now.” I replied. I watched as he pulled out of me, covered in a white film I smiled. I was proud of how my body reacted to him. He laid down and I caressed his thighs as I got into position. I sat into a squat and slid on him slow at first but eager. As he filled me he grabbed my legs tightly, I planted my feet on the bed and my hands on my knees. Up and down my body moved, I relaxed my body now pleasantly bouncing on top of him, my breast follwoing my motions, my eyes went back into my head and my head swayed from left to right. I was about to reach my peak as he felt it build inside me he bent me over the bed and pounded it out. Every. Single. Drop sprayed out of me pushing him back he kept at it. Pounding me while I cried out, “Shhhhhhhhh shhh shhit.” It was perfect my legs weakened by the events prior I came to my knees and gave him the best my mouth could offer, as I worked my number rotating from mouth to hand on both his member and scrotum. I felt him tighten up, I quickly got into position slowly stroking his balls and swiftly his shaft. I felt him shooting into the back of my throat but I didn’t stop. I swallowed it all and went deep down, tearing up once again and licking his scrotum. I came back up showing his head the much-needed attention it deserved, soft and gentle. He retired to the bed and as he lay there I cleaned myself up and returned with a warm towel for him. I wiped him down and tossed the towel in a hamper. I massaged his balls with my mouth for the next 8 minutes while his body twitched and shivered.

I slept in his arms that night feeling accomplished. Our fait in the morning mattered not to me at that moment. I had proven my point, I was indeed the best distraction to have.

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