Door 212

I was walking out of Saks after picking up my monthly fragrance fix… a soft scent for summer nothing too special but very much necessary. As I grabbed my car keys and started off on my way to my car I hear, “Excuse me beautiful…” and I feel a light caress on my elbow. In a slight haze of confusion I turn around to see your average block boy, you know the guy with the illegal money that has a desire for the designer life. The man who takes pride in his $200 cologne and Balenciaga sneakers… the new age muse of the Missy Elliott classic “Hot Boy”. I smiled as I pulled my arm away gently, took a step back and said, “Thank you, I’m in a hurry…”. Before I could get too much more out he stopped me… he began sharing why my time would be best spent with him, how he’s different and I am different and all this other garbage I tuned out. As he spoke I looked him over… skin reddish but smooth like caramel, teeth white, full and straight as ever, line up was pretty sharp too. He was sporting the usual leisure clothes for his type, a white polo tee-shirt that laid loosely on his body, he paired his top with the matching polo boxers white with blue horsemen. All pretty typical all of no interest of mine, all the way up until I gathered what was below his waistline and pleasantly hung between his thighs. Through his grey sweatpants I could see his print, the kind you run from if you’re in your right mind. The kind you also pray for when you’re entertaining a new suitor who’s doing everything just right. My eyes stayed for a moment, my body clinched up and my yoni begged to me… “Please, please let’s try this one. Just once its been forever we need this…” like a child at the supermarket begging for their favorite candy. The wind hit my face gently his cologne grazed my nose swiftly and I was back into the short conversation we had going. My plan was to walk away, my plan was to go home make dinner and knock out this work my boss had been on my back about. That plan drifted from my memory as I looked him over once more.

“We have to go..” I reminded myself. I looked up to find him smiling, “You like what you see lil lady?”. -Damn he caught me. “Look you’re kind but I must be going, I shouldn’t even be out right now. I have so much work to get done. Thank you for the compliments.”  I turned to walk to my car, upon reaching for my car door, he reached over me, opened it and slid his number in my hand. “If its only for a night or when you take a break from work just hit me up whenever.”. “Thanks, but…” he stopped me “I won’t be too upset if you don’t call but I hope you do, just take it now.” I dropped his number into my bag and waved bye, I would never date a guy like him not seriously anyway. Well that’s what I told myself on my way home. After a bit of driving my phone rang, I talked to my girlfriend about her life and man until I reached my condo. I got in showered and cooked, I got about 3 hours worth of work done and decided I should take a break. My mind had grown tired and I couldn’t force another creative idea out of it. Work was my life I had given up on dating, given up on real social life outside of casual dinner and brunch dates with friends. I hadn’t been in a relationship in 4 years and I hadn’t been handled in close to a year. I had a few glasses of wine with my dinner and while working.

I looked to my left and my purse was on the kitchen counter, my things spilling over and there it was… his number. Sitting plainly on the counter near my wallet and my favorite red lipstick. I picked it up, looked it over and opened the trash to toss it. All I could think about was his print, I slowly lifted my foot from the garbage can to lower it. -If you hit him up and he doesn’t respond in 15 minutes block him and throw his number away. That was my logic, wine filled I texted him…

Hey what’s up, this is XXXXX


Read 20:19

-Well you’ve done it now, you don’t want anything from him. You can do more for him than he can for you… what is there to lose? I thought to myself as those three bubbles danced on my screen.

Him: Hey Lil Lady, what’s up. I was hoping you’d hit me up.

My cursor blinked on my screen… I debated. Respond and have a little well deserved fun, or block him toss the number and have another night of “faucet love”. I looked to the bathroom, then to my phone, then down to my yoni.

Me: Yeah well don’t make me regret it…

Him: Never, what are you getting into tonight?

Me: Dinner with friends possibly.

Him: Dessert with me after, maybe? 🙂

I had my bi monthly wax just two days prior, so I could be showered and ready within the hour….I was stuck. I had just talk to my girls about freeing themselves and here I was stuck. Fuck it.

Me: I like my dessert before dinner…


Read 20:40

Here we are again, I’m watching these buttons dance on the screen for what feels like 15 minutes.

Him: Aw yea, I’ll be home in a few minutes.

Me: Where’s home?

I couldn’t be dealing with a guy in the nearest roughest hood, I wasn’t that horny. -If he stay too far south block him, you have too much going on to deal with that.

Him: 308 W. Randolph second floor, door 212.

Me: See you in 45?

Him: BET.

I took the hottest of showers, stood in my closet for 5 minutes until I decided no clothes was best. I could make a quick escape if I only had my keys, shoes and coat to grab. I sprayed a quick 2 pumps of perfume over my neck and breast. I put on one of my black La Perla bra and panty sets, black pumps and my black trench.

Me: OMW.

Him: 😉 K

I drove to his place a quick 15 minutes from myself, looked myself over in the mirror and applied some red lipstick. My stomach clinched and my body flushed with warmth I let him know I was downstairs.

I get to his door, before I could knock the door swings open. I hadn’t noticed how tall he was when I met him. He was lean the only thing he had on was basketball shorts, he couldn’t possibly have on boxers I could see too much detail of his member.

I smiled, but before I could even rest my cheeks to say hi he pulled me into him. With his free hand he pulled my coat open and down. I watched one hand run across my breast and down my side. Grabbing my neck and lifting my face with his other hand, he slide his hand into my panties, feeling my warmth and wetness on his hands he grinned. He knew I was ready for all he had to give me. He began kissing my neck, gently choking me… guiding me about 2 steps to the nearest wall. Before I could say anything, before I could touch any part of him my panties where at my ankles. He removed his shorts, I stepped out of my panties he looked me over wiped his bottom lip and lifted me up to where his eyes were staring at my yoni. Before I had time to be embarrassed a moan slipped from my lips. He was feasting on what happened to be the sweetest thing I could offer. I held his head for stability but also for security that he wouldn’t pull away. He licked, sucked and fumbled with my bean as he fingered me. Teasing me, pleasing me, I was sure to cum quicker than I had anticipated. I wanted him to stop so I could return the favor so I could feel the thing I marveled at, but I couldn’t speak. He laid me on the couch looked me in my face and smiled. “Damn lil lady, you taste so sweet.” I wasn’t surprised I took care of myself, I laughed and grabbed his shaft. It was so thick, so hard… my mouth watered and I am sure my yoni did the same. “Sit.” I said to him, he obliged. I climbed on top of him, rubbing my yoni from his head to the base of his shaft. His eyes rolled in the back of his head. “Damn.” He moaned, while slowly gliding on top of him I grabbed a rubber, stroking him with my hand I put the rubber on him and slid my weight on him slowly. Feeling him stretching me out I closed my eyes, as I reached what seemed like the middle of him he grabbed the back of my neck with one hand and my breast with another. His warm mouth on my nipples, his hand on my neck, him stretching me to fit to him. All of it made my body react, my yoni literally dripping on him and its sweet necture sliding to my bum. These few short moments of complete pleasure were interupted pleasantly by the change of tempo. He tightened his grip, grabbed my waist and started to drill into me. “Fuck, Fuck, FUCK!” Was all I could muster, we continued this way for a bit. My legs grew tired my moans became lower as he got deeper.  He was moaning in my ear softly, releasing a Damn here and there. “Damn, I’m… I’m..” I looked at his face. Not yet, slow down. “Where do you want it…” -UH, should I? “My ass.” Before I knew it I was bent over feeling the warmth of him exploding across my backside. As he watched and shot all the evidence on me I let it drip between my lips while I produced my own climax. As my body shivered and I released myself of all tension he watched in amazement.

As we showered he confessed, “I didn’t think you’d hit me up. But you were everything I thought you’d be and more. So warm, so tight, so got’damn sweet.” I laughed rinsed off and left like a thief in the night.

As I drove home I cleared our text history and deleted my call log. I was done with him, or was I?

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